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I am unable to learn the crab pet when you learn the pet battle ability AND I cannot learn the CE edition pet since I'm getting a "you have too many pets and cannot learn any more." error when I try. My pet log currently shows 1424 (I tried deleting 2 of the 4832493242 albino snakes that I seem to have acquired... do they give birth?! >.< )

I have TONS of multiples of pets... before this pet journal went live, I had around 190ish unique vanity pets across my accounts, how the heck can I learn more if I have "too many pets"?

Will the multiples be consolidated at any point?

If this is a duplicate thread, apologies but I did look on several pages. (You have too many threads! :P )
You can have up to 3 of a single pet. You can cage your extras to sell them, or just release them from your pet journal. The maximum number of pets you can have is 500.

The reason you have multiples for Pet Battles.

Once you cage or release your extra pets, you can learn more pets.
Good lord, I have to release close to 1k pets? This is so dumb... >.<
You do not need to "release" them. You can cage them and sell them on the AH, trade them to friends/alternate Battle.net accounts, etc.

(I assume you haven't managed to acquire that many pets through capturing, though...pets captured in battle are not currently cageable).
Blizzard did this, so people who have paid/aquired pets, especialy rare ones, on multiple characters.. didnt loose the fact that they did.. that they then could sell the duplicates.

Unforatunately, for some.. it can cause this.
A few points of advice for culling battle pets:

-If you select a pet, mouseover its icon and see "This pet is not tradeable", then Release them until you have 3, minimum. I don't see myself needing 3 Creepy Crates so I Released all but two.

-If it doesn't say that it isn't tradeable, choose "Put In Cage" and try your luck in Trade or the AH. Maybe ask some friends via RealID if they need a pet?

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