[A] Freebies for Newbies! (Sept. 25)

Wyrmrest Accord
Hello, Wyrmrest Accord!

With the latest expansion we've gotten a very large influx of new players and new characters alike, whether they be monks, Pandarians, or just new in general!

Because the Auction House can be daunting for players who have little to no coin or who are new to this whole RP or MMO thang, Ziichi will be handing out free bags outside the gates of Stormwind to new and in need players/characters!

Today from 4:30PM - 6:00PM, feel free to stop by! Supplies are limited, and will be handed out IC - though polite non-RPers can feel free to whisper me! :D

On a similar note: if you are new to RP/the server and are ever in need of help, please feel free to give me a poke. <3 Happy levelling in Mists, everyone!
Just giving a little bump! 18 bags done so far, more to go. :D

Some very sweet new and returning players, so far. <3 Keep being awesome, you guys! And kudos to the non-RPers who are giving RP a try, especially!
34 bags down! :D And a shout out to Jiangzi and Molei for some amazing RP and VERY entertaining characters.

Ziichi has moved to just inside the gates now, so Pandas aren't always appearing with their back to her. :P

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