Please get off the server, kthx

Look, I'm sure you're all really nice people and all, but you guys are ruining my MoP experience. Please just stay off Stormrage this week, thanks.
could be less selfish... maybe?
I was off for like 3 hours, you're welcome.

I would get off...if I could get on..

I would get off...if I could get on..
09/25/2012 09:59 PMPosted by Gungadeena
Trying to figure out if he is trolling or just another hunter...

Relax, it was just a joke. :)

Relax, it was just a joke. :)

That wasn't sarcasm, you were being facetious.

This is saracsm, 'I really appreciate all you guys overpopulating my server. The lag and queue times are making questing a breeze.'

- grammar !@#$ out
Maybe move to Trollbane :D
09/27/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Shoofly
Glad I leave my toon idle when I'm finished playing XD

I'm going to start doing that, having my bf just make my toon move every now and again. During the day, I can log in and out at will, not much competition, no big deal. around the time he gets home, I get a queue.. My currently queue is 903, I started at 1170 :( Only off for an hour!

But as for you OP. No :3 I wont get off! I can halp you quest? yes?
obvious troll is obvious.

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