Just wondering...

Who got Realm first 90? Would love to know who it was.

Thanks in advance. :)
Thank god it's not Lcpl.

09/26/2012 04:25 AMPosted by Sequence
Thank god it's not Lcpl.

Why is this? o.0
He used the ship bug.
09/28/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Sequence
He used the ship bug.

I finished Townlong about the same time as him (Was leveling cross-realm here, Frostmourne was lag city) and hit 90 3 hours earlier xD
Quality server!

Atleast we don't have to deal with the queues.
So if he exploited a bug, doesn't that mean he gets de-levelled? o.0
Blizz doesn't care for our server.
Kinda surprised I was high on the Monk list(7th) considering I leveled professions at the same time.
Nice job Walter :) Gratz on 90
Ahhh, haters make you famous. You still made that you didn't come close to 90 so you have to cry on the forums rather say something to me personally sequence? I didn't know of any ship bug. I got tired of riding around on the chopper and jumped down and started attacking the mobs down there. This poor guy was trying to get anything server first he possibly could so that people would remember his name. I could care less about realm first 90 paladin and I told the gm'S that I spoke with the same. Happy trolling.
Me? Trying for realm first? dude..It took me 3days to get to 90.

I didn't know of any ship bug. I got tired of riding around on the chopper and jumped down and started attacking the mobs down there.

You answered your own question.
edit, according to you aswell you were questing in jadeforest from 85 to 88 or 87.
Why did you change your mind?
I didn't have any questions. I told I think the first 40 people the same thing that I was doing just that...Because I was technically questing. The very first quest you get in mop was to kill the guys on the ground, since the chopper had mega lag I jumped down with my buddy and we went from there. Noticing that we were getting exp pretty slowly from the mobs we tried to hurry but the mobs wouldn't register for quest credit 1/2 of the time but we still were getting the exp. So after about 45 minutes of doing just that, we both finally finished the first quest and taking a glimpse down at the exp bar noticed we were both 1/2 way through 85. Figured it out pretty fast that with both of us being tanks that, hey wth, might as well just kill some guys down here since after we both went back up top and tried to finish the boat part of the quest we could not. I explained that exactly to the first gm that was confused and told me about a possible exploit which I explained to him I was not doing anything illegal. He went and got his boss. Said the same thing to him, noted that it was probably due to all the lag that our quest wasnt completed for a very very long time, as he went back and surfed through all my logs. At the end of all that, they came to the conclusion that they should of phased the bottom mobs out and since I was trying to just do a quest and not exploit I did nothing wrong. Apparently the first guy that got rolled back was killing some crab and did the same thing while he played on beta, I never got a chance to play on beta. I asked both gm's last week..."So i'm not gonna have to worry about logging in to my guy and being like lvl 87 am I?" " You were trying to finish a quest, there is no harm in that" gg.

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