8/8H High DPS Rogue EST

Guild Recruitment
****EST TIME - Please raid no later than 11 pm EST. *****
Daytime raiding would also be fine!
Looking for a good guild asap, so I can get rolling with mists coming out!
Currently I am a troll rogue 404 8/8 H DS.. need a new guild because my other guilds raid times no longer work for me, they run too late.
Experience : BC - Full cleared gruuls, mags, kara, za, TK the eye and 5 bosses in BT
Wrath - Full cleared 10 / 25 Naxx, full cleared mags and sarth pre ulduar, 11/12 bosses downed in ulduar pre any nerf or patch making it easier, downed 25 3D os during ulduar era, full cleared reg 10 / 25 ToC and did 2 heroic bosses, and finally I was 12/12 reg ICC, with 3 heroic bosses downed ( Would have been 11/12 but my comp broke on me )
Cata - 12 / 13 Reg T11 ( Guild attendance was shaky couldn't progress further ) 7/7 FL and 1/7 heroic FL, and 8/8 H DS at 20%
Please be a heroic clearing guild as of now with ds, looking to being a top guild on your server in mists, and a solid guild thats not gonna disband anytime soon.
I'm a great player, high raid awareness that raid leaders and guild leaders alike have complimented me on, I have great dps that will only help a group succeed. Thanks!
We're new, but our roster is looking fantastic! Most of us come from Top 200 guilds, and we're shooting for the best ranking we can get with our limited raid times. We need a rogue!

<devise> of Sargeras (US) is a new guild focused on raiding, but doing so in a manner that is sensitive to the time limitations and sensibilities of the many professionals who enjoy the game. When people work long hours, they become more aware of the value of raid time. We value your time, and we want you to value ours. Current members have experience in Top 200 and better ranked guilds, and similar experience is expected of all applicants.

If you don't have current logs because you've been gone for a while, don't worry! We'll take LFR logs!

TL;DR Details:
  • New 10-man guild on Sargeras
  • 21+ preferred, 18+ required
  • Female-friendly! LGBT-friendly! Parent-friendly! Old-friendly!
  • 2-day raiding: 1:00-5:00PM CST Saturdays and Sundays
  • Shooting for Top 1000 or 500 in our first year (hopefully higher! but we're being realistic)

Current needs:
  • Hunter ----- Medium
  • Monk ----- HIGH (any spec)
  • Paladin ----- HIGH (any spec)
  • Rogue ----- ULTRA HIGH

Apply at http://www.deviseguild.com/apply or contact tickle#1616

The finer details:

We will raid 2 days only, and only on the weekends. Hours will be 1-5pm CST. The reasoning for this is two-fold: we expect many of you will be working on weekdays, and weekends will be the best time for you to play. We also recognize that sometimes people who work long hours want to tie one off on the weekends. These hours allow you time to leave for the bar, and time to sleep off the hangover.

Ranking is important to us, but we are a new guild forming close to the release of Mists. A US top 500 would be great, but it may or may not happen. What matters to us is that we strive for that goal. This means: knowing the fights, knowing your class, and understanding strats. It means a little extra homework, but the game isn't so complicated that it means a lot of homework.

We are shooting for a roster of 11 or 12. This allows us flexibility on class stacking needs for certain fights, as well as the ability to still raid should real life eliminate one of our raiders for a weekend. This also means that some people may sit for a bit on progression. The needs of the guild will come first here.

What we expect from you:

Maturity. Homophobic and racist slurs are for teenage boys, not adults. We will not tolerate it, ever. WoW has a diverse player base, and you never truly know who it is you are playing with. Respect each other.

Knowledge of your class. We want to push content. We will not be on the bleeding edge, especially on a realm like Sargeras, but we don't want to be stuck on farm material because people can't take the time to learn about the class they are playing.

Dependability. A raid group is made up of many individuals. When you don't show, you fail all of them. When their time is limited, the insult is magnified.

Participation. Because people's ability to be in game is limited, we ask for participation in our forums. Perhaps a breakdown of your class' abilities, or some ideas for a boss we are currently pulling. What matters to us is that our collective success matters to you.

If this sort of raiding appeals to you, we would love to see an application from you. Mumble interviews will also be conducted to help us, and you, get a feel for one another. Once Mists drops, we know it may take members a bit longer to level to 90 than most, so we may add an extra week before raiding begins. We expect everyone to be ready for first pulls within two weeks of Mists release. We look forward to meeting you.

Apply at http://www.deviseguild.com/apply or contact tickle#1616
Bump ... Have 1/6 downed, 2/6 experience, 458 ilevel.. really great player don't pass on me if you need a rogue

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