Is Chi Wave working properly?

It's really hard for me to tell what this ability is doing. I'm trying to keep track of what it's jumping to and how many times it jumps, though it rarely ever reaches 7. Will it stop jumping if the target it's currently on dies? Can it jump to the same thing twice? I used it once on a party member and it didn't jump to any other member even though a couple of them weren't at max health. Most of the time I use it and see it jump once or twice before fading.
It doesn't seem to be working properly. I don't think I have ever had mine reach 7, and I probably get an average of 3, and often times I only get 1-2. Not sure what is going wrong with it, but it is kind of a useless spell till it works right as it is highly unreliable. I am going to be switching back to chi burst, or whatever it is, untill it gets fixed.

I wonder if when it says that it can jump up to 7 times, if it is a chance, rather than "it will make the jumps if the jumps are available to make".
I would also like to chime in here and say that in my 10+ dungeon runs as a Fistweaver I have never seen Chi Wave hit more than two targets.
By hit I mean land on, for example I cast it on an enemy, hurts him and heals ONE party member and then disappears.

When I am soloing it ALWAYS bounces -7- times, provided the mob doesn't die without another engaged enemy within the bounce range.

There is a serious discrepancy here.
A large part of the Fistweaving 'smart-heal' functionality is, for me at least, in Chi Wave and it is just not working. Any chance we could get a Blue to let us know you guys are looking into it?
Hrm. Atleast it lookslike its not just me. I know its red if it hits an enemy and blue if an ally. The most Ive seen it bounce was in SM when youre all sleeped and it bounced 5 times. Guess Ill switch it for chiburst.
I have seen it go up to 7 times when the mob was at a slight range from any one person, flashing red then blue then red, however when your close by you cant tell. So I am not sure
The skill is bugged... I never see it bounce more than 3 time.
Yeah, I haven't seen it more than 3 either. Really annoying! They bugged this in beta but apparently wasn't fixed.
I see it bounce for 5 regularly; I haven't worried about whether it's bugged or not.

It bounces so fast sometimes... I think it's easy to lose track of how many bounces you get out of it. I'm not saying it might not be buggy; they had a tough time getting it to work even *this* well in Beta ;D I'm just saying I'm seeing it work much better than it did for me in my Beta testing (I mostly didn't play in the last 2 months of Beta though).
Like others have said, it seems to be a bit buggy. In my own experience, when I was dueling a guildie it seemed to work fine, not sure if it bounced 7 times but it close. However in dungeons it would just bounce off an enemy to a party member and then nothing.
Dear lord I'm so glad is not just me... I was wondering what I was doing wrong S:
Also curious why it just stops flat. Only been playing with it for about 4-5 dungeons and, as with others, 1-2 is the norm, think I saw 5 jumps max.
I leveled 81-90 in a group with chi wave and I will say it is inconsistent, but it is instant cast and I can pull a mob without it pulling anything around it by accident which was the main reason for using it.
From what I've seen there seems to be 2 things causing the inconsistent number of jumps.

1. Chi Wave will alternately jump between allies and enemies
2. Chi Wace will only jump to allies with missing health

If either of these are not met the Chi Wave will not jump and will end. I'm not sure if this is intended or not.
I noticed that it does the seven jumps...if you are soloing an enemy. As soon as it hits one of your other party members it stops dead.
Its bugged in groups. This was reported numerous times in the beta. Solo its fine, in group if it hits the monk caster, it will stop.
09/26/2012 08:26 PMPosted by Kallik
Its bugged in groups. This was reported numerous times in the beta. Solo its fine, in group if it hits the monk caster, it will stop.

I've found the opposite.
If it hits a hostile mob or myself it will bounce (up to 7), but the second it lands on someone else, it stops.
If I target an allied player, it'll bounce off them on the initial cast, but that's it.
Whenever I use it on my tank and eat all five heals, it works brilliantly.

Whenever I heal with it and it bounces between tank and one mob or a dps and one mob (actually makes insanely good spot healing...for melee atleast) it works amazingly for cost, comparing to what else I could do.

Otherwise my experiences have been somewhat hit and miss. I've seen it bounce multiple times, but it does not seem to reliably bounce every time.

However it is much better than before, where if it hit anyone but me or a mob it stopped. I've had it work as intended many times, and sometimes just stop after bouncing 5 yds, but next time keep going as it bounces 20yds (exaggeration.)

Anyway, no conclusive evidence either way, I've seen mixed results in heroics.
Pretty much noticing the same problem here. No real consistency with the spell.

It's definitely not a matter of not seeing the bounces go off because it happens so fast(as others have suggested). You can clearly see your group's healthy not budging except for the person you cast Chi Wave on.

The more I level, the less I use the spell, considering it just doesn't heal for enough in its current state.
I've been trying to keep track of the bounces with recount. I have no issues with the spell while soloing, but if I'm in a group it rarely ever goes beyond a third hit. I can heal someone, damage a mob, someone else gets healed and it's gone. It doesn't seem to matter how many mobs there are or how many people are injured, it just doesn't seem to be working.
Yep, like others have said I notice it does bounce 7 times while soloing but not in groups. I guess I'll switch to Chi Burst for now.

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