My fellow Pandaren!

Moon Guard
How goes your travels?

For my brothers and sisters that went with Ji, how is the Horde? Find any good brews?
It's pretty fun to be honest, looooove the monk class.
So far I have met with a towering Draenei, a rather rude gnome, a rude human and a rude dead gnome.

So far, Stormwind appears to be a delightful city. I might visit the Dwarven City next.
I hear there's ale in Ironforge.
I have yet to find a worthy brew, but I am finding combat aplenty so far.

The only things a man truly needs to enjoy life, good brew and good combat!
To my brothers and sisters. The leader of this faction is mental. I suggest you exercise extreme caution.
The Alliance is a mixture of friendly and hostile. Not what one expects around here.
Worse than mental, he is genuinely mad and maintains a singular gift for cruelty. I do not regret following Ji Firepaw, but I see much work to be done.
Who knew there was so much more!

I want to exlpore EVERYTHING.
*catalogs all fempandas...for reasons*
I disagree, he simply needs to relax and have a good drink.
Poor Ji.
"I chose to go with Ji after seeing his bravery and cunning, his quick response, and that our great turtle was harmed... but saved in the end.

On the other hand I do not like this... "Horde," or at least I do not like their leader. He is foolish.

He sees people as objects - tools for war - rather than as friends and allies. He threatens anybody who disagrees with him.

I have not yet found any brews, and I think I must leave now... in case their leader or one of his goons catches me telling this to you."

((*hugs Björn*))
Agreed, Chi Meiyue, this Horde represents action. Much like our friend Ji does. To stand idly by defies reality, to act directs fate.
These strangers are incredibly interesting, but none moreso than the Draenei, as they call themselves. Not only are they noble and pious, but they are blue and have hooves and horns and tentacles, I've never seen anything like it! I have also met a Night Elf who shared with me a drink from her homeland called Moonshine, and it had quite a kick.

I think I would like to visit their homelands soon.
I have learned a lot of humans worship light, you know like the light the comes from lamp posts! And I met a goatbeartreebird, commonly translated to Da roo id.((druid)). All quite fascinating
"I am afraid I have not found any brews, but I have found some delightful naturally occurring herbs to dry out for new teas!

After witnessing the fiery impatience of the Horde, I decided my talents were best suited there. If there is to be temperance of their violent ways, it will be done by Pandaren paws and Pandaren wisdom. The temple mother in the Jade Serpent monastery taught me that all lessons must be passed on in order to truly be understood. However, my mind is not entirely at ease...

Many of our people left with the Tushui practitioner, Ayra, to join the Alliance. The Warchief of this Horde promises death to any who still hold loyalties to them...and so I wonder if I made the right choice. Will I truly meet an end for remaining amicable with those I once considered friends?"
I'm gonna enjoy making rugs out of the Horde's Pandaren.

*sharpens knives*
I'm gonna enjoy making rugs out of the Horde's Pandaren.

*sharpens knives*

"You speak brashly my friend, do not underestimate us."
I'm gonna enjoy making rugs out of the Horde's Pandaren.

*sharpens knives*

You think you are going to puncture anything with just knives? Good luck reaching any of my vitals with those.

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