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I didn't see this anywhere yet so though I would post it up here. When searching for battle pets via the remote AH (web based), no battle pets show as for sale. Although I know for certain there are plenty up for sale on my realm. Intended or is the web AH just not up to speed yet?
I think the site is a bit behind in both updating and the latest information. The battle pets I have that I sold are showing up as available to claim the money but the listing isn't there. It just shows "Claim money" and the amount :)
The web/mobile AH don't have the ability to display battle pets yet, so we are currently just not displaying them at all. If we did not hide them you wouldn't be able to tell what pet it is (stats and stuff like that).

We are actively working on getting this data and re-enabling pets on the web & mobile auction house. I don't have a good estimate to give however on when it will be available.
Just knowing that its being looked into / worked on is good enough for me. Thanks Peratryn.
There is also an issue I'm having when selling pets. If I've already sold a pet on the in game AH and try to get the money while on the remote app it force closes on me. I find this annoying, but always know if my pets sold.

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