How do you RP your Monk?

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I'm interested in seeing Monk characters' RP here, what yours? You're not a Pandaren, what made you become a Monk pupil?

Here is this character, what you guys think?

An avid adventurer that travels the world searching for rare artifacts.

Just a few know her true name and where this young girl is from. From this timeline, four years earlier, she met a martial artist that taught her the basics of barehand combat, and spent the two following years of her life dedicated to improve herself as a fighter and studying about what could be her next endeavors. Then, after parting ways with her teacher, she spent her time into artifact hunting around the Eastern Kingdoms, anything from valuable jewelry to old magical artifacts, anything that can earn her wealth.

With the recent influx of Pandaren into Stormwind she realized that her combat abilities are nothing before what a Windwalker Monk is, and the concept of Chi - something alien to her - and that is probably wise to look for a new master and spend some time to improve herself.


Well, this is my story in short. This character will keep the roleplay as a regular martial artist (no Chi spells, etc.), something like a rogue that chooses to use barehand combat instead of weapons, until I find a Pandaren that can teach her the ways of the Windwalker.
I'm still fleshing out Hadhann's backstory but basically he's been working towards putting his warrior training aside (he's originally my main "Hadhan", an 85 warrior, I changed Hadhann's name to "Hadhan" using TRP2) in favor of his unarmed skills. He first witnessed the prowess of the monk when he trained against the Argent monks up at the Argent tourney grounds in Northrend.

Now, with the coming of the pandaren, Hadhan's training has finally reached a level where he is confident enough to put his skills to the test. He has purposefully worked towards unlearning his martial warrior training or "emptying his cup" as his masters say (hence starting fresh at lvl 1) while adopting a new regimen of peace, balance, harmony, and discipline. He eventually hopes to blend the lessons he learned as a warrior with his new found unarmed martial prowess but currently he's fine taking things one day at a time.
Srdotsalot here!

This guy's not on an RP server yet, but that's mostly cuz I decided that I wanted 5 heirlooms and a 30% XP bonus. When he does get on WrA/MG, this is how I will RP him.

This guy's IC name is Isaac Vornis. I don't really have the details down, but see how old he is? I was thinking that he was a warrior for many, many years, and for quite some time, he's been bored with just about everything he's been doing. He's already participated in the siege of the Black Temple, so, that kind of ruined the Stormwind Guard for him. He was considered too old to be on the front lines, so he would've had a desk job, and seeing as how he spent two years doing nothing but killing demons, saving captive allies, and all of that stuff, he wouldn't have it.

He retired to Northshire Abbey, where he spent several years simply training new recruits in the arts of the warrior so they could have their own wild adventure. He eventuaslly stopped that, too, and spent his time chopping up training dummies in case something bad ever happened, like the Blackrock attack, which he facerolled.

When Bao or whatever his name is came to Northshire, Isaac was intrigued. He had never seen combat like Bao's and wanted to learn. He'd always been fascinated by the fighting style of the Argent and Scarlet monks that he'd fought, and this fighting style... this made theirs look like a small child having a sissy fight with a pregnant declawed housecat laying on a porch casually swatting at a fly on a lazy Sunday afternoon (How I Met Your Mother). Despite his old age, Isaac was a pretty fast learner, and is now confident enough to test his skills out. He hopes that he can once again help make a difference in the world in the few years he has left, as he did so long ago.
My monk is loosely based off of Zatoichi; A young blind Pandaren woman who works, in part, as a masseuse and possesses great skill in unarmed combat.

Zhao Cloudpaw, heavily introspective and contemplative. Lost her sight in her late teens. Beyond that there isn't much to say as I prefer to keep things such as backstory as simple as possible. Makes it easier to remember things and, in my opinion, allows for more flexibility. I've also got an Orc Runemaster planned soon, but I haven't got anything of note down yet.
Lao Siaohwa Windyreed is a widow. Her children have all married and have lives of their own. Rather than sit around and grow fat, she has decided to see the Foreign Lands and grow fat. Jovial, with a ready smile and a warm comforting hug for all who come her way, she wanders Azeroth with her begging bowl out. She eats what she is given, drinks when she can, and flirts with all the handsome young males.

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