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My (Alliance) Pandaren monk recently hit level 20. I wanted to go buy one of the dragon turtle mounts. I headed to the island in Stormwind where the Pandaren camp was, but could not find the vendor. There are plenty of mounts around, as well as other NPCs (Jojo Ironbrow, Aysa Cloudsinger, & some Tushui Trainees), but no vendor.

I've been to the camp a few times throughout the day & still no vendor.

Server is US - Dalvengyr.
Same here, Lothar server.
Same for Horde side, on Daggerspine.
Same on dawnbringer and I know I saw him yesterday because both my monk and my hunter have the tabard
I bought my turtle mount yesterday, but couldn't find the vendor for my husband to buy one today. We're on Arathor. Maybe there's a bug introduced in the last restart?
They know about it and working on the issue.

from another thread started yesterday.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution.
I just hit level 20 sitting at the camp in org. and no vendor. ugh frustrating.
Missing on Muradin Alliance side as well.
Confirmed M.I.A. in Echo Isles alliance.
Cant find it anywhere .. this is getting annoying
Same my Pandaren monk hit lvl 20 recently and i cant find the mount vendor on Saurfang
I couldnt find the turtle mount vendor so i got the next best thing!!
It seems All Realm don't have there Dragon Turtle Breeder. I look each realm and didn't see them where they post to be. So for the time being where not going get are Dragon Turtle mounts anytime soon. On till they return her.
Vendor MIA in Windrunner
Confirmed Missing in Executus, Horde Side. 12:34 Est. sept. 27th
I got my Panda to 20 and also wanted the Mount for it. I went to SW to go grab it from the Panda Mount vendor and i could not see it anywhere. >.< I'm pretty sure i saw it in SW yesterday and the day before while in SW doing things. - Andorhal Realm, September 27 2012.
There's already a thread on this which has been updated by a blue

09/27/2012 10:18 AMPosted by Sapperwix
The vendors should repopulate with the server restarts.

So the vendor should be back whenever we can actually log in :P
Same i just hit level 20 as a Panda and the vendor is gone :(

REALM: Nethrizem
Opps just read above my post after i posted lol sorry bout that....

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