Are Enchantments Necessary?

I was doing some reading on healing and saw that it was recommended to have your gear enchanted. And I've noticed, many of my items aren't enchanted.

At this low of a level, do I need to worry about it?

If I do need to worry about it, can I just go get my gear enchanted by a vendor or do I need to find someone who can do it?

(I'm trying to do what I can to boost my intellect)
Unless you're leveling enchanting (which you're not), don't bother. Once you hit 90, you can purchase enchants on the auction house or find an enchanter.
Enchants matter most at max level or if you are twinking (stopping experience gains). Otherwise your gear changes much too quickly while you level to really matter. However, quite a few people like to enchant heirloom (BoA) gear, and this can be beneficial since it lasts your character to 80 or 85.
That's what I figured, glad to know not to worry about it. It's one less thing for me at this point.

You do not "need" to at your level. It does not hurt to take a look at your AH and see what is there. You can usually grab some cheap. Don't spend more than a couple gold total, you are going to change out that gear quick as you level. I found it helped at 60 and 70 when I hit the new content to give me an edge as I entered Burning Crusades and Wrath. Even then you do not need to.

At 85 it was a must. That is not so true anymore.

Your gear looks fine for your level. I expect you will get lucky and replace your gloves and belt soon. If you find a cool cheap enchant for your gloves, buy it and wait till you pick up something better.

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