Pandaren Hordeside RP?

Moon Guard
How is it for you guys over there. I'm finding Alliance a bit iffy. Can't seem to find the right group. Wanted to know because I plan on making another warrior, this one Pandaren on Horde. so any thoughts? Praises? Warnings?
You went into Goldshire didn't you?

In all honesty, I have noticed very few differences aside from the aforementioned, there is plenty of great RP on either side. I have been experimenting on this looking around. Horde isn't bad, just don't look in the Trade Chat... Its like the Abyss.
I know Horde isn't bad. I have my main on Horde side, just looking into how it is for us Pandaren RPers.
<<Completely turned off general and trade chat. It is not even worth using as the background hubub of a market place style noise. I can do without the exercise of kids and rejects thinking racism, recycled word games and idiocy makes for good trolling.>>

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