Cows.. doing spinning crane kicks. Would you like fries with that.
I'm going to make a Tauren Monk soon :)
Bump for another cow joining the ranks.
Need more sexy ninja cows!
Ey mon, I be findin a serious lack of da troll love in dis tred.
*sets a keg of ale down*
Hi there.
Needs more Dwarf.
The mere existence of tauren monks is utterly mind-boggling. The only visual more horrifying than a dozen cowmen rolling and kicking their way toward you is the same thing, but with a dozen gnomes.

+1 for blood elf pride. Monks are fabulous, blood elves are fabulous. Mix the two together and you have something truly amazing.
Master race reporting in.
*Summons Statue of the wise cow*

Hello, yall got milk?
Here I am!
how you like yo eggs.
Only our females have horns, males have that weird scaly thing on their forehead.

Also Female Draenei > Female Tauren.

Well that is because Draenai Females have "Phat banging bodies"...and Tauren females are just ummm....FAT.
Is there a mount than tauren males don't look ridiculous on? If so, then I'd probably be down with playing as one when I faction change.

I do enjoy tauren racials, especially Cultivation, although it's best for druids.
Ahh, I've been expecting you.

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