In queue? Free Character Migration!

If you're in queue in KJ, apparently character migration is up right now. But when I clicked it, the webpage wasn't found. Don't know if anyone else has seen or tried this.
Go to your account, ur WoW 1, click FREE char migration (not the normal) and you can Transfer from Kil'Jaeden to Frostwolf, not a good idea if your on alliance due to frostwolf having a 20:80 A:H ratiot (so so it says on warcraftrealms)
I never said I was transferring off, I was just making it known.
Actually if you're Alliance, you should do it. It would begin to balance the ratio.
b-but i love kil'jaeden
I am bored sitting in que says #1444 and 104min estimated time but it keeps fluctuating up and down.. im guessing 2-3hr que (total BS blizzard ive never had this issue before on KJ your billions of dollars cant make bigger servers?) anyways so im waiting....

and decide to transfer my alt

It says that I am eligable for a free character transfer so i click the button and it takes me to this site which is a broken page.

So i go to my account settings in battle net and click on the free migration there only to have it tell me when i choose a toon that...

"ERROR: You have a character online for this account. Please make sure all characters are offline"

none of my characters are online or have been all day. Im on vent with guild and they say im not online.

If you're in queue then you're considered online.
says same thing when i stop the que and exit out
09/26/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Descention
says same thing when i stop the que and exit out

I believe there is a certain amount of time where you have to be off line in order to do a character transfer. I want to say it is around fifteen minutes to a half hour. Check the FAQ for character transfers.
i have not logged in all day
You just have to log on another realm then log off back to log in screen

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