Bloodknight Antari bugged

Pet Battles
currently, the path of bloodknight antari' pet battle area is obstructed so no matter what you can't battle him. so is this a current bug?
Found i way around it.. I think it because he spawns facing the rock, so maybe his default battle area is where the big rock is.

So what you want to do is try to go between Antari and the rock and try to battle him. Try to move a little is it doesn't work.. try to face him just edging the side of the rock.. keep moving little by little and keep trying to battle.. you will hit the sweet spot eventually.. the battle will have a huge rock in the middle.. but still works. gl!
Hi, I tried many times but could not challenge him. I reported to GM as bug and waiting for reply.
Still bugged. Can't battle him even if you stand between him and the rock.
I had this problem on Khaz'goroth, tried every inch could not battle him.

Rerolled a DK on Barthilas completed starting area and I had the same problem except for one small spot slightly behind his fel flame pet allowed me to engage, when the battle started I was on the oppisite side from where I engaged him between the jutting out pieces of the rock (all I could see was the jutting piece of rock on my screen with the pet battle UI over the top.

If you don't want to wait for a fix to this try rerolling a DK on a server where you can battle him. (remember you need something on the opposite faction to get the achievements anyway).

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