Quality and Quantity and then...

Pet Battles
I am thrilled with battle pets. My guild laughs because, well, I am still level 85 and have spent two days in petopia. But I was so bummed to get Quality & Quantity today and find out that ...that's it.

There's no further achievement for rare quality battle pets? Why?

It's already a bit of a disappointment that a lot of the pet battle achievements are only worth 5 points (because really, if I collected all of the pets in the Eastern Kingdoms, I do think that's worth a little more than 5 points, Blizzard), but I don't cross them off my list for 'collecting' them until I have them in my journal as a rare. I was hoping there was something to acknowledge those of us who are nutty enough to keep farming battle pets until we get that one rare that's eluded us for so long.

As a minor aside (and this may go more to the UI folks), it's really disconcerting to click on my pets info on the armory and see all the pets that I have 'released' in my quest for a rare one sitting there. I wish it at least reflected more the contents of my pet journal instead of every pet I have ever collected and released because I don't use addons to tell me if a pet is rare or not.

I would also love if there were a few more functions for sorting pets in the journal. I suspect I may end up with addons for that, but clearly I am supposed to only favorite three things or something. It gets to be a really long list really fast, and if I'm in the search bar I can't exit out to type in guild chat or anything, even if I click on it, until I delete my search term.

Just a few of the things that I have noticed while leveling my pets. Back to waiting for it to rain in Stranglethorn!
I had to force myself to start leveling or I never would have gotten it done. I'm in the same boat. I realize its a side-game system, I just wish it was more robust.

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