Is this addon legit/legal

UI and Macro
is this addon legit or legal by terms of use or is it possible hack bot or keylogger
You needed to post a video instead of the name because....?

As with any addon, when in doubt, don't use it.
It's legal, via loophole.
You are paying for the text files that tell you what to do.
The addon that displays them is free (via the free trial link)
It's the same way Zygor's Guides are legal. As for keylogging, as long as it is just .toc .lua and .xml files (no .exes) it should be completely safe.
@ Sintacks - Thanks sounds fair enough

@ Rubyheart - I've personally never herd of it before so most others likely havent either, the video was a quick link since I found it on youtube and that is when the question began.

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