Where are the dailies we should be doing?

I know theres no central hub, but what are the best dailies we should be doing for rep/gear/mounts?
golden lotus/the klaxxi for gear

cloud serpent/the tillers/anglers for other stuff like mount, farm land, and fishing poles, etc

lorewalkers dont have dailies but u can get their rep up also.

shado-opan and celestial are also factions for gear but they are locked until golden lotus rep is high enough. there is also the black prince if u are going for the legendary not a daily tho.

i probably missed some but im tired.. just look in http://www.wowhead.com/factions=1245 for more details
Where are the Golden Lotus dailies? I did all the ones in the Vale but they only gave Shado Pan rep

nevermind, I guess they did give golden lotus rep. I just don't know how i'm friendly with shado pan but still nuetral with GL

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