Spec. choice for early levelling.

Is it easier to be disc or shadow spec for general questing in the 10-30 bracket?

Right now im Disc. as Penance seems to hit like a truck, and shadow doesnt seem to have many tools at this level.

Any suggestios would be greatly appreciated.
Both are completely viable and good. On this one I levelled as Disc until in my 40's when I went shadow for levelling. That was a long time ago when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and we didn't have the new talent design.
I am also currently levelling up another priesty (ah my lovely human) who is now 56. I went Shadow at level 10 for levelling. And it works well. Level 21 you get shadow form, mind blast, dp (think that is correct for when they drop) and it's a NO-BRAINER. Or is it shadow form at 24...anyway. Completely viable.

Hell you could level as Holy too due to the evangelism stacks and still keeping SW:Pain. Or Disc. Have at it!
Disc is omega OP at lower levels. Even at 70 so far Disc is OP

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