higher ranked guilds

why is it that all the higher ranked guild dont have problems logging in and all the other one are struggling to even logg in wtf is going on 2900th in que is pretty sad and yet majority of them are 90 !!!!!!
Never log out.
never logg out = no life
There are other ways to stay logged in without being there, just quietly.
yeah its really sad i cant even logg in to xfer my toons back to my old realm
Maybe the higher ranked guilds are ahead of you because they don't waste their time qq'ing on forums and then posting off level 1 toons because they're too scared to show their real identity?
Just an idea I had while sitting in my queue.
I said no such thing about a special login code.
09/27/2012 03:22 AMPosted by Åfends
i think i should be the one who says it....top guilds get a special code that we can enter upon login to avoid the queue. There i said it...
Man you are crazy, blizzard said they would ban anyone who leaked this information in the email we received. GL cya l8r enjoy ban.
major lol
Why do anything suspect when you can just do a 9-5am schedule like the rest of us? Farmvile is so compelling.

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