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Simple question: Can dominos or another mod replace the clunky vehicle UI? I could have sworn it used to just be my old dominos bars were being inherited into the vehicle UI but now I have a big golden box that takes up 80% of the bottom of the screen, covering my map and part of my chat!
In Dominos, what settings do you have for the "Override" bar and "Possess" bar?
for "Possess Bar" I have "Action Bar 1"

I cannot find anything saying "Override Bar"

if it helps, my Show States for Action Bar 1 is blank at the moment
I'm not sure "vehicle" is the correct term here exactly.

I should clarify: I'd like to just have a dominos bar appear while doing Pet Battles rather than that clunky block of wood-type thing.
That's not going to happen. Using the most recent version of Dominos, correctly configured is still going to give you the pet battles UI for pet battles. Tuller spent a lot of time fussing with it before deciding to just let it do its own thing.

Bartender 4 might do things differently. I don't know, I don't use it.

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