A panda's plea for great justice

So I was reading t3h forums and I like the lock forums- goodstuffs everywhere and generally good business.
So I was reeding and this post sad about Chaos Bolt that it was too strong. I gets it, I udnerstend OP because she is mad and her shoes don't fit right on prom night you know?
It's like, you cest a 3 second spell and it hits like a QUARTER of someone's helth in one shot? Once even saw it do like a third. Dropped my panda cub when I saw dem nubmers.
So like, this spel needs a nrf/. I was fiting a wralock once and he feared me right? It happnes, wralocks just feer people so they can win- I throw totems to the samne effect. But thenb they cested Chaos Bolt.
While they were cestin I had time to rite the rough draft of ths post, and I even took my cub to her smite recital (shes gunna be a good paladin the best). anyway, i got back and i was hit by chaos bolt. 50,000. dameg.
my totems dont evne do fity THOUSAND dameg. not even ALL of them- and i toolk totemic prjecshun to throw them far!
they need nerf now. i was feerd by the wralock and it was just not good business. he chaos bolted at me and the duel was alredy halfway done becaus my helth was gone. helth does not GROW on trees! i am not maid of HELTH! i am panda with totums and i try my best okay? no need to hit me with chaus bolt!
you wralocks will only mak fun of panda Adstrum! Adstrum is ready for ridicule! adstrum brings ths rediculus spell to lite! adstrum have no way to stop chaos belt!
anyway i m rambling. one day chaos belt will not hold up wralock's pants anymore!
0.5/10 because response
you are unaccepting of adstrums logic. is okay because i seek only to spred the word about chaoes bolt!
hay man i agre warluck need nerf 2 caos bolt one tiem wile i was fiting mid this warlick feered me 2 and then start 2 trow chayos bolt at me so i opned my spelberk and i red thrw all my spells i found this kewl 1 cald tremur tortem i prezed it and my feer was gun it was kewl but ten i notised mr battlelock waz stil aiming hiz bolt at me so i once agin opn my spellberks and i red thrw evry spell agin but i did nort find halp so i thot and then i red thruw it agin and fund a kewl spel wind share so i wnt 2 prez it but it waz 2 late teh warlurk sent bolt at me nd then i hit 4 liek 40k wow thats so op i cnt beleev its even in game its almust as good as piroblast plz blizzard nerf thx 4 reeding my story
i redd your story Permnesce. i was gon share wind with the chas belt but i was gon in feer and i had thrown totems already!
when you red your spelbook it gave me ideas and i duwel wralock again today.
again wralock feer me but adstrum prepared this time!
i used te totem for tremar and i was not feered! adstrum not scared nemore!
the tides wastruning on the wralock and he started casted his chaos bult agan. not today adstrum said! i slowly typed out 'not toda!!!' and then i opened my spelbook to the glossary ad looked up 'wind share'
adstrum was out of combat by this point, so i could equip [Reeding Glasses]. i found wind share and then i maade a macro to cast wind share and say 'not 2day!!!!!!11!!1' and i put it on my bars- and i went back and found the wralock and he was still makng his belt and i WIND SHARED!
but when i hitted him he turned purple tornado and got hp back- nerf?!!? WRALOCKS ARE NOT PRPLE PRAISTS!
09/27/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Adstrum
Dropped my panda cub when I saw dem nubmers.

This got me... I had to laugh.
i will laugh wen caos balt gets nerfd to the groend!!!!
Trying to decipher anything in this post immediately results in a headache.
you udnerstand that chaos blt is too good - adstrum explains
Please stop. The cancer. It hurts.
Adstrum has taken time to rite about ceaser's belt, it is unfare ablity that is not good business!
Mages get fireoblast bcuase they need fire okay? Wralock does not need cahos blot.
I can grounding totme the Mage dreep frize, I can trinket the wedding ring of frost, I can hide from the first NOva and kill magepet! Mage need fast firoblast to make Dameg cuz they don't have wralock op stuns!
Chaos bolt on the other hnand hit to hard abd cannt be stop!
Pls bliss nerf the wralocks!
aww, poor shaman got ooked in his dooker by a warlock.

you gotta drop the Dooker Protection totem!
You do not udnerstand Adstrum's problem!
I hav no way to step the cheaos bilt!
Wralocks are overpowired qnd they need 2 admit it! Nothin can stop the chaoes belt and like other shaman say, it almost as Powerful as fireoblast!
Even though I'm a warlok, I feel adstrum's pain. What can men (and Pandas) do against such a long casting spell?
09/28/2012 12:23 PMPosted by Adstrum
Adstrum has taken time to rite about ceaser's belt, it is unfare ablity that is not good business!

Lost my !@#$ at "ceaser's belt".

Hopefule we gain support for Adstrum's cause! This ability should not be in game is jut bad business! No spel should garantee crit! That much dameg is to much dameg and is unfare!
I use Mage example again cus mages make me food and I like.
Mage crit when panda is in ice cube! If panda not in ice cube, Mage crit much less! Do warlickers need ice? No! Wraloc is crit no matter where! That is not good business! Panda could be in the fores eating leafs when chad bolt hit panda-
I'm sorry. I ramble about chaos bolt becus I lost duel. Im just trying to make wralock see logical for once.
Pretty funny X)

09/27/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Adstrum
even took my cub to her smite recital (shes gunna be a good paladin the best)

Pandas can be pallies?

I guess that would make her a Pandadin?
Pretty funny X)

even took my cub to her smite recital (shes gunna be a good paladin the best)

Pandas can be pallies?

I guess that would make her a Pandadin?

paladins don't learn smite...
I smiled here lol.

cause its a cute panda.

Thanks for making my day :)

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