95 Gold Battle Pet Training LEVEL 5

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This is my new main on a new server and new faction. I just came back to the game after taking 2 years off. I've been playing him for less than a month now and I'm only level 59, still questing in Blasted Lands and not yet in Outlands. I have about 500g on this character. I haven't sent any of that to myself, nor am I in a guild that helps me.

My gf, who i play WoW with, also created a new character on a new server and started from scratch with me. She also has about 500g -- and she abhors trying to play the AH or do similar things. Either we are a bizarre exception, or it is very simple to make hundreds of gold within a reasonable time in this game. In which case, you can easily get the training before level 60 (let alone 85 or 90).
Also, when you learn to use professions, 95g is a rather small price. I can make 95g in 6 stacks of copper ore or less.
09/27/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Jackiepan
particularly for players who've been around a while

It isn't to cater to older players.

If your focus was only on character progression then why put it in at all, the focus of a game is to have... And remember GAME!... But the focus of it is simple, FUN! If you have to work to have any fun in a game it stops being fun, this is more so for new players.

You're doing it wrong if you have to work for 100g.
the fact that game devs don't want new players playing pet battles.. off all things.

i am disappointed. let the player decide if he wants to play pet battles.

The player has full control over it. If he wants to do this as soon as possible, pick up Mining, get 6 stacks of Copper Ore, sell said 6 stacks of Copper Ore, get 200+g or more, buy Pet Bettling skill, dump Mining, pick up the profession you actually wanted, be on your way.

New players have bigger issues like learning the core mechanics of the game than worrying about a pet mini-game.
09/28/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Zarhym
Increasing the leveling requirement isn't a reasonable solution. If you're a more experienced player and you want to roll a new character, we don't want to keep you locked out of pet battles. Since the system is account-wide, we want you to have the option of participating in pet battles while you level.

Once you earn the spell, you have it the second you create a new character. The "Level 5" requirement absolutely does not apply to a veteran player, regardless of the intentions. It's not hard for a "veteran" player to hop onto their level 85, buy the training, and then start rolling fresh.

Unless every single one of my lower level and brand new characters is bugged, I've been able to participate in pet battles the instant I press Escape on the intro cinematic without restrictions.

Honestly I don't really see the logic behind any restrictions on this. Not that I care, I'm just confused why players are making a big deal, and why the devs are making a big deal. This is a silly topic to be debating over.

I think that was partly the point lol... maybe. Though pet battles can be a LITTLE complex or overwhelming I guess. Given how the system has the strong/weak attributes tied to not just the pet but to their abilities. Not to mention certain abilities that you want to be mindful of (like 2-turn burrowing or flying ones). Not really difficult to know, but I'd honestly say looking at the base definition, basic AH use is not as complex.

I read the last blue post, but I would like to point out to you that 5 yr olds could master pokemon. So really its not that complex of a system even though it may seem like it, as well as the gui shows what moves do more/less damage.

Indeed, which is why the original argument about new players figuring out how to use the basic functions of the AH is not a very sound one. It's a basic 2 or 3-step process. Acquire item - compare pricing *optional* - list item for sale.

I do know some people who just naturally block out understanding things that deal with finance, so for them... functions of the AH are just far harder than it needs to be. That's a flat-out refusal to understand though, says nothing about the actual difficulty to learn. Which is minimal.

Hence why I'm saying that for anyone claiming it's difficult to use the AH for new players is unfound. It can be rough at first, but it's a smooth process for this game at least. If it's so difficult that they just give up, playing pet battles would probably be like finding a cure for cancer for them.
*RIDICULOUS*, people. R - I - diculous. Not REdiculous.
This thread makes me want to bang my head against a wall. 95 g is hardly an entry barrier. That's like whining about the price of a mount. Ridiculous. Play the game a little. Good grief.

Honestly people with your attitude are incredibly condescending and arrogant. So all new players are idiots who need to be told what to do? Ok then.

If they cant earn 95g then apparently they are. to all these people crying about not being able to play pet battles instead of level I ask this. What did you do before Tuesday?
go play the game and stop messing around at low levels. Thats not how the game is ment to be played and you guys are the minority. Blizz cant cater to people who dont want to level and play the game right
blizz is right to have a restriction. You should be leveling stop getting distracted
I just can't understand why, in all the time you just spent complaining about not having enough gold or about WOW somehow discriminating against 'poor' players who can't afford a silly little side game, you didn't go complete a few quests or a couple of dungeons to get the money. You are probably the losers in the middle of all the major cities asking for 10G to level your professions.

Get Jobs, Hippies.

Or QQ More. I'm sure Blizzard doesn't have anything better to do than read your literary garbage.

C'mon now. It's constructive feedback.

If it's such a "silly little side game"...then why does it carry a 95 gold starter fee?

If I'm not mistaken, you have to buy the pets (or cages) to participate in Pet Battles.
That is not free(.)

I just don't see the need for the high buy in price to start Pet Battling.

...other than forcing players into proficiencies they may not want
in order to make enough gold to pay the fee.

What about the player who only has one character by choice
and by choice wants no proficiencies such as mining, fishing, herbalism, skinning?
They just want to Quest...like myself.

They come upon a Pet Battling vendor, and would like to try it
as they Quest but are told..."95 gold or get lost Questing hippy"...lol
"Yea I know the sign says level 5...Quests are that way..."
...and to be clear, begging for gold is something to be made great sport of imho.
You work, you earn(.)

Why can't it be enough that you will be paying for the cages to capture the Pets?

Clearly, Questing alone is not enough. I'm level 22 now,
and have about 10 gold.

Questing is work. Blizzard structured it so it is not enough, by itself,
to afford Pet Battling....at low level.

I'm simply pointing that out and not thinking it's needed.

The 95 gold starter fee is discriminatory by design.
Look, you're whining that there's a little effort invovled in getting some reward. By your logic, EVERYTHING should be just given to everyone at level 1 with no buildup at all. The whole game is discriminatory in favor of those who put in a little time to play it .

There is nothing in the game that shows new players how easy it is to make gold. That takes some research and asking some questions that a new player may not feel comfortable asking.

They are too uncomfortable to ask "can anyone give me some advice on how to make some gold? I really want to use the new pet battle system but lack the funds to do so. Any help would be appreciated."

But not too uncomfortable to come here and tell a company that has sold billions in games how to do their jobs?

Interesting. Nonsense. But interesting.

Hey idiot? I'm betting new players - like, that have never played WoW before - are probably not posting on this forum. So yes, you do write interesting nonsense.
IMHO, low level players are starting in low level areas, everyone should start with a Battle pet trainer in their starting area, which gives them a free starter pet, I mean for crying out loud you're leveling in the area where the battle pets are the lowest and easiest to catch

Idk this whole "not targeted to low levels" does not stand right to me.

Agreed. Blizzard states it is not intended for the lowbie...

With all due respect, it's a decision that should be reconsidered.

Make it accessible at level 5. No more than 1 gold for the starter fee.
The cost of the pets could simply be tweeked.
That would make for a more progressive realized goal worth investing time into,
incrementally, one pet at a time, paying the appropriate cost to buy each one,
than a massive one time "lol yer too low level to participate" 95 gold.

Also, it would be really cool to have some questing related things to
start Pet Battles off for the player.
...some sort of Trainer's Quest or something.
I don't agree that Pet Battles is "just some little side mini-game".
The collecting, battling, planning, ect is very time intensive.

This suggestion has nothing to do with getting something for nothing.
It has everything to do with accessibility and game play options.
The reward to fatigue ratio should be more about using the Pet battle system itself,
not saving up for an omg amount of gold to participate.

If players are able to Quest and use Professions in tandem
to get gold to pay for the starter fee using the Pet Battle system,
they will have no issues using the Pet Battle system in tandem with Questing.
It's all about OPTIONS, not STOPTIONS. ;)


100 gold is pretty cheap, nowadays, and is easily earned. Back in Vanilla you had to GRIND to get 100g. That meant getting ALL the trash, selling all the trash, keeping your professions up to date, playing the economy.

Nowadays, the quests rewards are so ridiculously high, you will get your 100g in the blink of an eye.

So don't you dare whine about it.

No it's not.. not if you're a new player and you're questing for your gold.. The average level 5 quest gives what 10 silver? How long do you think that is going to take? Don't involve selling to other players because not everyone else wants to farm ore or herbs or what have you and play the auction house. So stop your elitism.. Money to participate in NPC given events should never cost more than NPC's give.

If you just quest and sell your loot to vendors expect to get about 100 gold around level 40.

I have a level 34, only character on the server, no friends, no professions, never once have used the AH to buy or sell, and I have over 200g. I have not done a single thing on that character but go from zone to zone, hub to hub, questing.

Also selling ore isn't "playing the auction house", and picking up herbs that you run by while questing (which will bring you a ton of gold if you choose to sell) isn't "farming". Professions, especially gathering, are expected by blizzard to be used by every character, and is expected to be their primary source of income. The only "elitist" here is you, thinking that you shouldn't have to work to earn.
09/28/2012 05:13 PMPosted by Wubstep
If we get things wrong and a feature is too accessible or too easy, to the point that it's negatively affecting overall gameplay, it's much meaner of us to then tighten restrictions after the fact.

Sometimes its better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

That is why they do it the way they do it.

Loosening restrictions is asking forgiveness.

Tightening restrictions would be nerfing.
With the holiday stuff coming up especially thanksgiving and christmas stuff low levels can make some killer gold off the ah just with small eggs if nothing else. when i rolled this toon I was new to horde had 0 gold no guild no bags etc and it was childrens week..i topped the week with over 1000g and lvl 10 on eggs alone..so yes..the gold can be made..just watch the ah and what low lvl items sell that are easily gatherd

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