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Posted by Tigore
The reason why I can do pet battles with my Alliance alts is because I bought it on my Tauren Warrior here.

I bought it on this character, but I didn't have to buy it again for my alliance alts. If you do, for some reason, it's a bug and you should put in a ticket about it.

I am uncertain if you read the quote. I will re-phrase. I can do pet battles on my low level Alliance toons. I was saying it was only possible because I bought it on this character I am posting on. My Alliance toons have a gathering profession tied with an appropriate creation profession that uses the mats I farm. So I do not currently use the AH with the low level toons.

09/28/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Zarhym
Someone earlier in the thread pointed out that, when we first introduced dual spec, the cost and level requirements were meant as a barrier to entry to ensure leveling characters didn't feel like it's something they should spend their gold on asap. We later drastically reduced the gold and level requirements when we felt more confident about this not being an issue. The same could be true for the cost of pet battles. We'll certainly take player feedback into account -- though, as I mentioned, hearing almost entirely from players not adversely affected by this gold cost, as opposed to new players who are, leaves us with very incomplete actionable intel -- and we'll evaluate whether or not the current cost is necessary.

I do apologize if I sounded sounded strong minded to what I felt was right. I was expressing my experience as a veteran player while taking sympathy for new players that the cost is indeed high if one only quests and vendors items.

My experience was the pet battle system complimented with my Alliance character leveling quite well. At first it felt like waiting on the 8 minute cooldown of reviving / healing the pets when I tried on my Tauren Warrior. But with my lower levels, I simply continue on with questing when my pets are injured and the heal button is recharging. I haven't tried out the bandages much because they appear soulbound to a particular character. I may have to see how the bandages feel later on.

Overall, I feel the system could work on allowing newer players in with looser price restrictions. Even though a big pet profile would help a lot, the trainer has a pet for one to train for and you can only use one pet to start with until you level up. The quests give a gentle push to use the trap while lighting up the button mid-battle when you can do it.

09/28/2012 08:24 PMPosted by Tiraslin
Look, you're whining that there's a little effort invovled in getting some reward. By your logic, EVERYTHING should be just given to everyone at level 1 with no buildup at all. The whole game is discriminatory in favor of those who put in a little time to play it .

The OP already said they understood Blizzard's decision that this feature is not intended for new players. He / She also took to heart that the Auction House is an alternative to use if one wants to access the pet battle without having a high level main. He / She also acknowledged that it's account bound so the lower alts will get the reward too. Page 14 Post #273 is where you can find it.
Lol, anyone remember how much it used to cost to get a mount + riding skill.
09/28/2012 08:03 PMPosted by Shanndorn
Why can't it be enough that you will be paying for the cages to capture the Pets?

Because you won't be? There isn't any cost for cages. At least, not as far as I've seen. I've only leveled up my pets to 7 or something like that, but so far the only cost I've had has been the initial training.

Also, it would be really cool to have some questing related things to
start Pet Battles off for the player.
...some sort of Trainer's Quest or somethin

This already exists. As soon as you train, you get a quest to battle a pet trainer, and as soon as you beat them, you get a quest to battle a higher level trainer, and so on and so forth, until you complete them all and unlock dailies.

09/29/2012 01:42 AMPosted by Tigore
I am uncertain if you read the quote.

Sorry about that. I read it as "can't" instead of "can."

(Edited for spelling.)
Don't see why new people can't focus on pet battles. Its fun simple system that would go great with new players. Forcing people to quest/dungeon grind right off the bat isn't a good way to lure in new people. Offer them a wide variety of fun things to do, and let them do it.

They'll naturally progress to the other stuff the game has to offer, with no need for the strong arm funneling that bliz likes to do. Worked fine a few years ago, but in this market with older consumers people will just ignore the other stuff and leave if they're pushed too hard in one direction.

Quest and dungeon teams should be proud of what they've done. Don't let it go to your head and figure that's the only thing people want to do. Same with endgame and raids. I'm doing a bit of everything as I level up and I'm finding the experience very fun. Shouldn't be limited to just established players.
The Devs don't want low levels Pet Battling. They want them Questing.
I'm putting forth the suggestion and argument, that they are either not
giving new players enough credit by saying it would be too much to both
Quest and Pet Battle at the start erroneously just to have it that way,
OR they really, imho, mistakenly think this makes good gaming sense.
Either way, it's flawed and players should be allowed to both
Quest AND pet Battle at the same time.
...If players can both Quest and use Proficiencies to pay for the Pet Battle Starter fee,
how on Azeroth does that make common sense those same players cannot
also Quest and use the Pet Battle system?
It does not.
Pet Battles should have cost 10k to get in and 100g per pet.
First off, having it be 90 gold isn't that bad. It allows you to have something to work towards as you don't usually have pets when you first start out. Usually your first pet is if you get an authenticator and that is not really enough for the pet battles. You need to stop complaining and if you have that many toons and no money it is your problem because most terrible players even make that much with one toon running around killing monsters alone.

Besides, that 90 gold applies to all your toons. You have the same pets and team no matter what toon you are on. So if you have nine toons you really only pay 10 gold each if you stop to think about it. My fiance just started playing and has enough to start and has 3 toons, only one is level 30 so it is possible.
I understand your frustration but I quite honestly think that pet battles are geared towards those who keep saying they're bored and have nothing to do after hitting max level.
The cost is there, in part, because pet battles are intended to be a fun mini-game, particularly for players who've been around a while and want some new ways to spend their time while logged in -- it's not a profession. The system isn't really targeted toward new players while they're focused on leveling and character progression.

This is why there is a low level cap, but a buy-in barrier. It allows players with high-level characters and/or lots of alts easy access to the system, while reducing the risk of it being distracting or confusing for people just learning the core gameplay systems/mechanics.

So let me get this right, you are restricting new players from something that is
09/27/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Zarhym
intended to be a fun mini-game

Making it so the new players can't do anything to really break up the grind of leveling thus causing them to actually enjoy the game more....

Must have been the same people that came up with this that also came up with cross relm zones, and a game creation limit in D3...

There are TONS of things someone can do to break up the mundane questing for new players. PVP, professions, achievements to name a few off the top my head. I prefer get a snack/go outside ect but maybe your solution is to have your gameboy in your lap as you play wow?
I have played this game since the beginning. When I did first play I didn't get my first gold piece until well into my 30s (I played a hunter at the time, bullets/arrows weren't cheap.) In WotLK I changed main characters. I played a priest up to level 35 before getting sick of that character. However, when I went to delete her, I noticed my gold. It was well over 100g. That was just from doing quests and selling garbage. Low level gold collecting is easy now and will come along naturally on it's own. By 30 or 40 new players should be able to do the pet battles.
I dont think anything needs to be changed. But that is just "my" opinion. If this continues to be such a highly debated issue, I think there is something different that Blizzard can do about it to placate both parties (the players and the devs).

Simply make obtaining pet battles the same sort of set up that you are required to go through to make your first Death Knight. To make your first DK, you have to have a character already at the DK level. You could do the same with pet battles. Keep the gold cost, because after all, once you spend that initial 100g you dont have to spend it ever again across all your toons, new or old. But make it so that "new" players need to reach a certain level (you decide what lvl) before they are able to access pet battles for the first time. But keep the lvl 5 requirement for anyone who already met these conditions.

So to sum up.
1. First time pet battlers have to pay the 100g cost because it is across their whole account.
2. First time pet battlers have to reach a certain level to even be able to access pet battles (like level 45 or something for instance).
3. Once conditions (1) and (2) are met, any character of at least level 5 on the same account can have access to pet battles.

This would in my opinion satisfy Blizzards desire to have "new" players focus more on learning how to play the game, while also making it so that veteran players still have access to pet battles on any characters they currently have, or any new ones they make (just as the system is currently set up for veteran players).
Surprised this is a complaint. A word of advice:

Be nice. Make some friends in game. Heck, even look for and join a guild that fits your personality! Chances are, you'll find some nice folks who'll be more than willing to contribute to your long journey towards 100g.

If you're the type who likes to be proactive, go ahead and learn mining and just farm copper for an hour or two. Put that stuff on on the AH and voila! you'll have 100g in no time!

That all said, if you don't want to do either of those and you can honestly say to Blizzard (and yourself) that:

A) You just cannot afford to get into the Pet Battle game with the meager resources at your disposal


B) This is contributing to a negative overall in-game experience

Then I invite you to roll a character on Bonechewer - Horde Side - and contact me in-game via mail or whisper. I will help you level to 5 and front you the 100g so your account can be engaged in Pet Battles. It's up to you to decide whether or not you'll pay me back someday.
I remember when Dual Spec was introduced at level 40 for 1,000g. Official sources made exactly the same arguments, that it was for "advanced" players, that they were worried about confusing new players. I argued on the forums back then that the level requirement was too high, and the gold cost was much, much too high.

Lo and behold, eventually the cost was reduced to 100g, then the cost was further reduced to 10g and the level requirement to level 30, which is where the restrictions should have been in the first place. Now it's happening again, and I'm afraid it's going to take more months for Blizzard to realize that the OP is right, and it should be more like 5g, or even 1g. I suggest that we skip the meetings and short-circuit the journey of realization and drop the price now.

Cory Stockton ‏@mumper

Just hotfixed the cost of Battle Pet Training to 10g. We still don't want newbie players but 100g was obviously overshooting that goal.

They're getting better. Maybe next time will be the one where they launch a feature with the correct cost.

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