95 Gold Battle Pet Training LEVEL 5

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UM, hotfixed to 10g? lol should've waited- I spent the 95g to get across the board for all my toons. Yay
I've been playing almost four years, it's totally NOT easy to get gold in this game, no matter what I do.
A shame they're keeping their "not for newbies" stance.

Good news is that once you hit 15 or so you'll have enough cash for it. Pet battling and capturing adds a ton to the leveling experience. Can level a team as you level your char and get that whole "pets growing as you grow" vibe down. Can never have a too rich early experience. Especially with a system that's only as complicated as you want it to be like pet battling is.
You can make hundreds and hundreds of gold just selling copper and low level herbs.

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