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Isn't one of the problems blizz is having is people burning through content then getting bored? But now they want new players to level exclusively? They delayed the leveling process from 85-90, but I guess 1-85 is super important. I would think that keeping new players out in the world and keeping them away from end content and trying to get into raids with 0 experience and bad gear would be a good thing.
Perhaps, instead of complaining that the price is "too high" to allow you to access the minigame, you should put the effort into farming up the money for the reward. It's not a free, inherently accessible system. If you want to get it early, and don't want to level to cap the same way other players do, you have to work a little harder, and I'm sorry that seems so daunting to you.

It seems you really like leveling at low levels. I suggest picking up two gathering professions on each toon, and selling what you collect on the Auction House. You'd be surprised how much money you can make if you just put in a little time! It would be very easy to have 95g at a low level with only a handful of hours of farming low-level herbs and/or ore.
Heck, if you can't stick with one character long enough, do it on a few characters on the same server, stockpile all their gold together, and boom. Pet battling for your whole account (remember, once you purchase it once, your whole account has it forever).

There may as well not even be a level cap on it-- it should be purchasable as soon as you have the money, regardless of what level you are. Ignore the level requirement. The barrier is the gold cost, the level requirement may as well not even be there, especially since it seems to be confusing people.

I doubt anybody posting on this thread couldn't have this gold in a a matter of minutes.. Well the materials to get that amount of gold, I imagine they might still have to wait on the market to purchase whatever.. That's not the point, we're not complaining because WE'RE not able to get the pets.. We're discussing a design decission we think isn't good. It doesn't matter to me personally at all.. I'm not really into the battle pets and I could buy training for every character on every server on every account for both me and all my friends without batting so much as an eye. I would imagine anyone into WoW enough to post on the forums could probably do the same, or would be able to given a day without fretting too much about it.

This is about the new player, the guy who sees it in WalMart and thinks Hmm.. I've heard about that game and I just got a computer so what they hey, I'll give it a go. Or the cousin one of us see's at Christmas dinner and we manage to convince to give wow a go. He probably doesn't want to research the game first, he probably won't even read the 5 page instruction manual on how to install it. Chances are he won't ask around or consult friends/family and he will probably be confused as to why other people can do things he can't and he probably won't like being told he CAN'T do things his peers can do. If he's even aware Wow has forums, you can bet he won't be visiting them for a while if ever.

If there is a valid reason to keep things as they are, aside from just limiting the new players options then by all means.. But it doesn't seem productive to me. The level of complexity that allowing pet collecting/battles produces is very minute in the grand scheme of things. To me it seems like a relatively arbitrary limitation that only really serves to inhibit and divide the new player base. Ultimately though, this is all a discussion about the good of the game, not because very many people posting on this thread actually feel deprived personally.
And to put things into perspective, I did not even have enough gold on my first max level character to buy all my spells and spell upgrades. Granted spells are free now and you don't have to upgrade them, but when you're new you have no clue how to make gold. I remember a friend giving me 100 gold and thinking I was rich. I also bought a bunch of worthless stuff on the AH, and spent my badges on the wrong gear. I don't see why locking new players out of a feature that they are heavily promoting is good for business.
09/27/2012 09:15 PMPosted by Stëphanie
I don't understand, is it a 1 time fee or you have pay every battle?
1time and its unlocked account wide. OP is just trying to find something to QQ at.
Woah woah woah. Did I read that right? Across 30+ toons you don't have 95 gold? I don't understand how that's even possible, not even if you bought the account or had it powerleveled for you.

Right now I'm earning close to 1k per level JUST from questing in Pandaria. Plus, you only need to shovel out the 95 gold once. Once you learn it on one character, you learn it on all characters.

But yeah, again, really not sure how you don't even have 95 gold across all of your characters....
I see that it is intended as a "fun mini-game".
I see that it is aimed at more experienced players so that newer players can have a chance to learn the mechanics of the game.
I see that the level requirement says that new players should be able to enjoy this "fun mini-game" just like anyone else.
I see that the cost puts it out of their reach unless they want to spend the lion's share of their time grinding and farming and working the AH.
I see that there is a middle ground that could be reached, such as I suggested.
I still see that grinding and farming just for something like this is ridiculous.
I see that the elitists will forever only see things their way.
And I still see that having to farm and grind all day and night and play the AH is a sure way to kill the fun in the game.
I see that I am one of the exceptions to the rule in that I am here to play and enjoy the game and not spend the lion's share of my time farming and grinding.
I see quite clearly...you might try the same instead of hiding in your corner and spouting the same tired old rhetoric about how easy it supposedly is to farm and grind for gold these days.
Nutshell, if the devs want the rookie players to spend their time learning how to play the game, then the pet battles should not be available until a higher level, when said rookie players have gained a solid grasp on how to play the game.
At least you guys can actually purchase Pet Battle Training.
Currently among Pandarens there's a bug running amok; where even though we have already bought the skill on a higher level character the game is telling us that we need to see the battle trainer to acquire the skill again. This is annoying to us because it breaks achievements and the quest line to go around and battle npc trainers and also keeps us from buying battle pets from the trainers themselves.
Um, back in my day OP the slow as molasses riding mounts were G100...and you didn't get them till level 40. Then when you finally qualified for an epic mount it was like G1000. When we first got to Northrend for cold weather flying it too was expensive...G100 or so for a fun optional mini game is cheap. If you are upset because your playing style precludes you from making money there are three options 1) change your playing style to allow for more income 2)accept that you won't be able to buy some things due to your playing style or 3)be content in your playing style and accept that other people are content in their playing styles that are different from yours.

One doesn't have to grind out the money-just start paying attention and it will come to you. Skin and loot every mob. Instead of going directly to your quest area, kill a path and skin/loot everything you kill. Gather every node you come across, even if it doesn't give you a skill up. Level your crafting profession. Sell only what you happen to come across in the game world on the AH-you don't have to go crazy farming. I did this when I first started and made quite a bit of gold. All I did was look at what seemed to be selling for high G and compare that to what I could gather/craft and voila! money. I also sold everything I came across-and the first thing I did was buy bigger bags so I could store more things. I did it all without add ons for about two years. Now I prefer to play with them but I can survive without them-you can make gold, you just need to start believing you can and lose the defeatist attitude. Believe in your toons' abilities :)
I honestly don't think that 95 gold by level 5 these days is harder than the original 100g by level 30 for mounts. And to be honest, I think you get more fun out of pet training.
It actually isn't impossible to get that kind of money. You might pass level 5 before you get it, but you could do it selling low level herbs, ore and/or leather in no time at all.

Especially now with all the new toons being rolled, and people powering up professions.
And hey I'm happy to help mentor people (for free!) if you are a newish player and you just can't make gold. I'm happy to help I was there once too. This is my main and the guild is my bank guild (so all of the toons in it are me) if you're not on MG just roll an alt here and send me a mail I'll roll an alt on your server and we can chat one way or the other. I will teach you how to make more gold or just give you advice on how to do it. It's not that hard once you figure it out and once upon a time someone helped me too.

Ok i know this has been mentioned already in this thread - but seriously - if you are a legitimate new player and you are whinging in here, try reading a few other (and older) posts first.

The learning curve is the biggest barrier to new players. Whether its PvP or PvE, you need to learn your class, the mechanics, the gear you need (and dont need), the talents to choose, the spec to choose, the professions to choose..... and the list goes on.
Then theres PvP - you also have to know how the other classes/specs work so you can beat them. Dont forget PvE with boss mechanics, heroics and raiding.

If you are here to play pokemon then go buy pokemon instead and stop making me wait to login.
If you're here to play WoW then i welcome you and look forward to seeing you in the bg's but you better learn how to play WoW first so i dont make you rage-quit
Well well, a troll in panda's clothing. Back under the bridge with you! Gold is easy to make, stop trolling and move on.
What fun would this feature really be to someone that's level 5?

They get to !#%%#%#! around Elwynn for a while and kill sheep with their pets, if they even have any, and then they'll just realize that the pets they need to level on are in zones that are far too high level to them. I don't see how this feature can be enjoyed on a level 5 character. As such, I don't really see how it could be distracting either, as they get literally like 15 minutes of gameplay for it before they discover they'd need to go somewhere too high level for them in order to progress.
People like the OP are why the game is getting worse. You want everything without any work. I can tell you by not even looting anything and just quest grinding and selling the items I get from quests that I don't need I can make 100g by the time I am level 25. I can't believe you people would complain about such an easy thing.
We're talking about brand new players to wow here are we not?

Do people who are completely and totally new to the game, assuming they didn't buy a Collectors Edition, even start off with companion pets?
09/27/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Zarhym
The cost is there, in part, because pet battles are intended to be a fun mini-game, particularly for players who've been around a while and want some new ways to spend their time while logged in -- it's not a profession.

You may want to pause and meditate on that philosophy. I'm not entirely clear which side of the looking glass I'm on - it's only a couple of days in, but right now I'm having trouble telling which system is the game and which is the minigame.
Perhaps the lvl 30 should focus on getting to 90 or at least 80 before doing side games. With how nerfed 1-80 is now it doesn't take the weeks it used to. 80 is achievable in only a matter of days. I started messing with pet battles and its fun but, it is time consuming as you have to level up at least three companions at the same time. Wouldn't make sense to have a lvl 80 pet while your main is only a 40.
I made 50g right away just by selling things I casually picked up on the Wandering Isle as soon as I got to Orgrimmar.

I could've made 100g+ easily if I had actually gone out of my way to harvest nodes.

Just throwing that out there.

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