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I made over 1k g in a hour today. It really isn't that hard to figure out the system and work the profs and ah. New players really don't even need gold till after 50 anyways. That is why intro quests pay so low. Complaining about 95 gold which is nothing. You are going to have a heart attack and die when you figure out the cost for all the flying skills. Ive been playing for 5 years so I am not sure how it is now but overall mount wise I have properly spent a total of 5-8k gold for all the riding levels. I think that's an underestimate cause cold weather flying was a couple grand if I remember correctly and flying in Azeroth was 4k maybe? Point is finish the grind like the rest of us most who had it much much worse xp wise. Once you are at end game gold and all the items you want come easy.
Please stop it. The OP is a new player who simply wants to play with pets. She isn't going to learn the AH, or whatever it is you do that earns you 1k a day. Assume all her toons are under level 30, slowest mount and she is unfamiliar with addons and professions. She doesnt want to be swamped with having to learn all that, she just wants to play with the pets.

Personally I think they should just make it free, newbies will eventually come around

Perhaps she would be more interested in a game like pokemon then. The point of this game is to level then end game as most of us know. The pet battle was an after thought most likely to combat the complaints of those stuck in the same raids for two years waiting for the next exp to launch.
If you have 30+ chars and don't have 95g you're doing something very wrong with your gold or you just made 30 chars and don't play any of them. On a decent server it takes very little time to make 100g via the auction house, or you could even do something incredible and spend time leveling your character so you have access to more of the game and more ways of making gold. Five dailies at maximum level is roughly 98g, you gain about 3000-5000g going from levels 70-80, you gain another 6k or more from 80-85. 85-90 is about another 10k gold. It really is quite simple, level and the gold becomes easier. Spend the time to think instead of coming to the forums and complaining it is too hard because you are unwilling to put in more effort.
For those complaining about the cost of pet battles for low levels:

I know it seems a daunting task to acquire 100g, BUT... have you tried two gathering professions? I know that copper ore sells exceptionally well on any server I've tried, as does light leather. 10g a stack and up is nothing to sneeze at. I found herbalism a little slower, but at later levels some of the mid-range herbs sell at extraordinary prices.

Grab your skinning knife and mining pick and skin anything you can find, even other people's kills are available for skinning, as long as they're not skinners themselves. (It's always nice to ask first.) Mining or herbalism will give you a nice little boost to your experience too!

Good luck!
Gold is pretty easy to get with gathering professions, idk how this is really so much of an issue.
<-- This is my "main"... created in 2005 or 06. I've subscribed continuously since then. I've NEVER lvl capped a character in this game.

I think I was lvl 45 before I could afford my first mount. It took a lot of time and effort to do it back then-- however, it was very satisfying when I finally did. I've never power-leveled, been in a guild, or accepted gold from anyone (not even my own alts).

I've never chosen mining or herbalism as a profession.

I've been disappointed that things have gotten much easier over the years.

It's apparent that the developers (and ESPECIALLY the forum community) are jaded and take it for granted that EVERYONE who is playing is A) level capped and/or B) have multiple alts. "LOL! L2P newb!"

I agree with the OP (and Brehmis) that the cost of entry to pet battles is not commensurate with a new level 5 character... BUT I don't agree that the price should be lowered, I think the min level should be raised. This won't make a difference to people rolling alts, but would be a more realistic goal/reward for a brand new player.

In my opinion, if "Pet Battles!!11ONE1!" are supposed to be a selling point of the game (which is obviously the intent), you (Blizzard) shouldn't have the fine print buried on the forums saying, "Oh, by the way:
09/27/2012 08:14 PMPosted by Zarhym
The system isn't really targeted toward new players while they're focused on leveling and character progression.
The amount of derp responses to this thread is breathtaking.

The OP is talking about people who have just started the game and do not have 95 gold at level 5 like most players who have played for months/years do. Telling the OP to (do X to make gold) fails to realize that new players are not level 80 and they do not play the game like you.

Blue commented that the Pet battles are supposed to be a fun thing...unless you are a level 10 new player you can t "have fun" with pet battles because you are supposed to level and grind up to in essence "spend time in game" to achieve your "other" objectives. Personally I think it is stupid.

Further more the expansion has pet battle highly advertised as a bonus side game. Blocking new players from being able to access that content without requiring a significant time investment to farm gold is slightly deceptive.

And still people would point and laugh at the OP. The community here sucks. It really does. One only needs to leave the game for a couple of months and come back to these forums to see it has become a cesspool of attacks and abuses.

The Pet Battles are a fun little side game. New players should NOT be barred from playing pet battles while they are leveling until they manage to make 95 gold. If the objective was to make it a gold sink it would have been preferable to introduce some costs for training as you level.

Sometimes I really don t understand the design team. You are compartmentalising the game too much instead of giving people the freedom to play how they want when they want. This is exactly why some people buy gold for.

I would really hope that the dev team take a strong look at GuildWars2 and note how the game gives a lot of freedom to the players and removes a ton of massive ridiculous time wasters to make the players happy. In contrast wow is based on a subscription system where the dev team must make things time consuming and wrap all new content into a grind of some kind.

I am happy to pay a monthly fee (actually several) but at one point you will have to realize that not giving players the freedom to play like they want is going to become more and more damaging to the bottom line.
09/28/2012 01:55 AMPosted by Pandalol
The OP is talking about people who have just started the game and do not have 95 gold at level 5 like most players who have played for months/years do. Telling the OP to (do X to make gold) fails to realize that new players are not level 80 and they do not play the game like you.

You don't need to have a level 85 to pick 20 peacebloom.
09/27/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Hsun
Instead of making a rediculous price, why not put a level cap on it? Archeology has a level cap. I understand you don't want 'new' players to get caught up in it, but what about players who like to play slow enjoying the storeline's with others? No I will feel forced to reach a high level fast and not enjoy the game as much just so I can collect cute animals? Lower the price and put a level 20cap instead! This is clearly favortism to older players! I pay as much money a month as they do! I have to buy the exspansions just like they do, so why should I be penalized?

It doesn't matter if it's a level cap or a gold cost. You're not able to do it just yet so just wait and be patient. If you feel forced to level fast that's on you. You could just pick up 1-2 gathering professions and sell the mats on the AH for fast gold, or just be patient and wait until you're actually ready. You have enough to do with leveling, questing, exploring, professions, BGs/Dungeons, this is something for players that are finished with all that.

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