[H][A] Panther Mounts for Sale

Area 52
I am currently selling and crafting the Jewelcrafting Panther Mounts.

There are 5 mounts in total:
Jade Panther
Ruby Panther
Sapphire Panther
Sunstone Panther

Jeweled Onyx Panther Not currently selling this one. I will be selling these in the future, but keep in mind the price for this mount will be dramatically higher than the other four as it requires the other four as mats. If your interested in getting one of these crafted however, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Contact me in game for more details.
cody is legit. he hooked me up with a sapphire panther.
Can u email me at fireboltknight@yahoo.com about the panthers plz?
Im looking for the ruby one to buy

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