[BUG] Phasing Issue - Old Man Liang

Bug Report
I am having a phasing issue in the Pandaran starting zone.

The next NPC that has a quest for me is Old Man Liang. When I am standing next to The Singing Pools, I can see him with his "!" above his head. When I approach Liang's Retreat, he disappears and I cannot get the quest to progress through the zone.

I have disabled all of my addons and tried with a fresh client backup I keep around for situations like this but the problem still persists.
I am also having this problem
I'm having the same problem.
I love not being able to get my panda past level 6.
Also have the same bug... submited a ticket but it will take 3-4 days...
oh i figured out a way continue, even if you did not get his quest you can meet him at his second spawn, hes at 78.4, 43.0

or just look at this map
I am experiencing this issue as well. Same exact description. I'll try Katt's suggestion.... Found him. Thanks!
A year and a half later and this bug still exists.

Top notch Quality Assurance and bug hunting, Blizzard.

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