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Hello everyone, so the highest Warrior I've ever had was like 45 (I know, booo the n00b). I did try to find an answer to my question but I saw none in the forums post MoP.

Once upon a time, Fury was the way to go to level a Warrior (that was porbably vanilla) but is it still the best? I am considering just going Prot at 15 and LFG at least till 30 (dual-spec) maybe even 90. Is Prot to 90 dungeons too crazy slow?

Thanx for your input.
You'll get bored no doubt if you do mostly dungeons to level. I did Prot for Dungeons, and when I felt like questing or PvPing, I rolled Arms. I find Prot a little more slower than Arms, but you can farm a lot more as Prot.
So Prot for farming and Arms for questing. Fury for? PvP?
Fury does best with the better gear. It'll scale well and probably be your go-to spec for endgame PVE unless you're just ridiculous with Arms.
When leveling, I prefer arms.

No spec is behind any other for leveling.
Pull as many mobs as possible without causing them to reset, /profit.
09/28/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Tinyfoder
So Prot for farming and Arms for questing. Fury for? PvP?

So warriors can be good at pvp with any spec, but the easiest spec to play WELL is arms for pvp
Arms, ignore all other respondents. It's the least gear-dependent, has low downtime, handles adds very well. Questing is the fastest XP, farming is a waste of time before you're level-capped, and likely still a waste of time afterward. Leave the farming to the classes that are good at it. At the level cap, your best method of farming is making some friends and tanking dungeons.
I'm sorry Stark, but you are not correct with your assessment of leveling.

Though, like you, I prefer arms.
All are valid, I leveled as a fury Warrior Titan's Grip and had no problems at all.
I feel arms is quite poor until you get taste for blood/sudden death/csmash, but then again so is fury so whatever. Prot can be very good for aoe but I'm not sure you do that reliably enough to make it worthwhile. All specs are awesome at aoe anyway when you get bladestorm.
Prot. I've been in LFD since release and I'm already level 44 with only 10% guild xp. I do over 2x the dps of 99% of the people I've been in group with.

Last run I was 55% of our damage...

Much faster than arms.
Sweet, lotsa good feedback, thank you all. As it turns out, my wife is in love with her new Panda Priest and is tagging along for the ride. Got my back up DPS/Heals covered now lol. So going Prot to Tank through all LFG and won't hurt to Quest level in the mean time I say.

Now to get some Tanking Exp cause before this toon I had 0 Exp in tanking lolz.
One word of warning about crashing through dungeons is that with the influx of another tanking class, the queues are not so instant at lower levels. Once I got further along it got better but this was not till around 40 or 45.
Prot all the way. Tried both arms and fury just for questing and I still do more damage as prot. Plus instant q's. and even pvp as prot at this level is better. I'm sure everything will change at end game but now it's prot. And since I got blood and thunder I do 60 percent of the damage in dungeons too.
Leveling a panda warrior. Just got level 10, will tank dungeons but whats the quest spec arms or fury?
Whenever I do Battlegrounds I am always against Arms or Fury warriors, barely any Protection Warriors, and I also have a level 85 warrior, and Protection isn't the best for PvP at higher level, it's just that level 60 - 80 isn't as it used to be, now your spells deal and heal 10000 times more than before, so it just has to do with your level. If you were level 90, I am pretty sure you would be Arms or Protection.
Hey so Im bored being a monk and wanted to start pvping a lot. I want to warrior pvp and want to know the best spec for warrior pvping but since Im a noob and this is my highest toon I feel like I will suck in pvp. I see everyone else on the battlefield with amazing armor they got from thier other amazing lvl 90 toon. Is it true that if I start a new warrior I will always suck in pvp, or should i learn some new technics and i can become as good as anyone else.
I levelled with Prot until lvl 80, then switch to arms starting with Cata gears.

Dinged 90 last week, I'm still arms and farming for reputations now so I can get base tank gears. I missed tanking instances

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