Fury vs Arms for PVP thusfar

Whats everyones opinions?

Personally, arm feels clunky as !@#$ and I don't find it fun, fury on the other hand is fairly fluid and amazing. I have still been top of the BGs even at 90, besides against premades where I can barely move, and I've really enjoyed it.
I don't find fury as fun given the ~10% loss in crit from 85 pvp epics to 90 pvp blues. Once I get my crit back up to around 20% it'll be better; until then I actually find Arms more fun. Especially given arms' synergy with defensive stance.
I was wondering what fury was sitting at crit wise for pvp. everyone seems to be around 10-12% which i think fury should atleast start off at 15
Arms has reliable sustained but rng burst.
Fury has rng sustained but reliable burst.

Tg I think will overall hit harder then smf because most of our attacks are weapon damage based, ie bigger raging blows.

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