Is 1h or 2h fury best?

Hey guys, since servers are down I thought I'd get this question out of the way.
Does anyone know if 1h weapons for fury is better than 2h'ers? I'd prefer to use 1h'ers because it reminds me of the vanilla WoW 1h fury days, but I will go 2h'ers if the damage is more.
Thanks :D
They are pretty much equal so far from what i can tell, 2h is greater for AoE as 1h is good on the Execute phase.
In terms of pure single target, it would be SMF due to buffing Dragon Roar, Wildstrike, and Execute. You will burst higher, and sustain higher as SMF.

TG is quite a bit behind in comparison, You should only use TG if you're doing heavy AoE or if you're a die hard "TG Only!" warrior.

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