What you missed on HNN...9/24/12

Wyrmrest Accord
Ladies and Gents, it is with great sadness that I bring you the log from tonight's broadcast on the Horde News Network's communication channel...
[Krixxek]: Hello?
[Minkstole]: Hi.
[Krixxek]: Once again sorry I couldn't inform you fast enough Syrric
[Krixxek]: *Bzzt* HNN, this is Vegapunk, do you read me? *Bzzt*
[Syrric]: *Bzzzt* Roger, Lima Charlie *Bzzt*
[Zalja]: *Bzzt* I be 'ere in da rain mon!*Bzzt*
[Krixxek]: *Fzzzt* The voyage of the Horde Fleet is underway, and we's going along for the ride. Will keep you updated on need to know basis *FFzzt*

[Syrric]: *Bzzt* Roger, HNN will be listening. Be careful in your sailing! *Bzzt*
[Zalja]: *Bzzt* Im in Orgrimmar trying to see if I can get a scope on the Razor Hill inccident*Bzzt*
[Syrric]: *Bzzt* Razor Hill...? What's going on at Razor Hill? *Bzzt*
[Zalja]: *bzzt* How shall I start interviewing people*Bzzt*
[Zalja]: *Bzzt* The Inn was Blown up. Two high ranking members of the horde military was killed in it. *Bzzt*
[Syrric]: When was this?? *Bzzt*
[Zalja]: *Bzzt* After the party in Orgrimmar after we took Theramore off the map*Bzzt*

[Krixxek]: *Bzzt* Speaking of which, THE HORDE FLEET *BBzzzt*
[Krixxek]: *Bzzt*-nder attack, I repeat, we are under-*Bzzzt*
[Krixxek]: *Bzzt*020:41 hours, Horde fleet engaged*Bzzzt*
[Krixxek]: *BBzzztt* I repeat, the Horde Navy Fleet" "Gimme that goblin!" "Wait, what-AH!"
[Zalja]: *bzzt* I have my report done sir Where shall we meet*Bzzt*
[Krixxek]: "This is Captian Dregg Waraxe of the Horde Navy fleet, we are currently engaged with the Alliance in ship to ship comabt! Let the warriors at home know that the sea will run red with Alliance Blood tonight! Lok'tar Ogar! FOR THE HORDE*Cannonfire*

[Bernad]: Krixxek, this is Bernad Snixx speaking if you are still breathing and able to produce gold the BMC would like to offer assistance.
[Krixxek]: *Gah!Gimme that*! *BBbzzzt* I copy that, but as of now we's too far out for you to help! *Bbzzt!*
[Krixxek]: All we know is we's south of where Kezan use to be! The alliance ambushed us while this..this mist came outta nowhere, there's cannonfire and guns, and explosions, it's hell out at sea! *BOOM!*
[Topsail]: *Biznap* This is Lance Topsail of the Grey Legion. Where is this fight goin' down?
[Krixxek]: *Bbzzt*i..I dunno! I dunno where we are, first the storm, then the mist, I has no idea where we are!*zzt*
[Topsail]: Hold in there, Vegapants!
[Krixxek]: I's..we's still fighting..wait..that Idiot! Some idiot just steered his ship into the mists after an alliance scout ship!

[Topsail]: Yeesh, Pal, I don't see you no wheres. You're on your own, Vegapants. Stay strong.
[Krixxek]: *Sounds of explosions as well as a few cries of "RETREAT" followed by more cannonfire* We's in full retreat, I repeat, we's in full retreat! We's losing the fleet, we's *BOOM*
[Krixxek]: "The Horde doesn't retreat! We fight till the last Man standing*BANG*
[Krixxek]: "The captian's been shot! Quick, get *BOOM* *FFzzzzttt*
[Syrric]: *Bzzt* Krixx, you there?? What's going on? *Bzzt*
[Krixxek]: *Nothing but static*
[Topsail]: I'm scannin' the shores, but I ain't seein' nothin'. We may've lost him, guys.
[Syrric]: How could we have lost him? He was engaged with an Alliance ship...blasting the hell outta it...and then the mist swallowed him?? *bzzt*
[Topsail]: To hell if I know. But all I know is that I ain't seein' mist no where.
[Syrric]: Any sight of the Alliance ship that was blasting him? *Bzzt*
[Topsail]: The sea is empty.
[Topsail]: I can't venture far off the shore, here.
[Topsail]: Holy !@#$! I think I see him!
[Syrric]: ....so he's .....gone? Whaa? *Bzzt*

[Topsail]: I've got eyes on, uh, some sinkin' ships! They're burnin'!
[Topsail]: And a lot of bodies!
[Topsail]: Orcs, tons of orcs. I think I see a human..
[Syrric]: ...those Alliance dogs!!
[Topsail]: No sign of Vegapants or his guys. But I do see the mist he was talkin' about.
[Syrric]: Be careful in that Mist! We lost comm with him as soon as he went into the Mist! *bzzt*
[Katinne]: Mist? I recall hearing of some relative of the Vrykrul who used magic to control mist, to assist in raiding...
[Zalja]: *Gunshots and axe wizz by the mic in which Zal'ja speaking into"* Note to self don't yell your will against garros' outside 'is palace
[Topsail]: Yeah, I ain't headin' out there. Someone tell the Warchief! This could be serious!
[Zalja]: Da warc'eif a coward and a fool!

[Topsail]: Ah..the mist shifted. I see ships! I can't make em out if they're Horde or not. Its way too far for my eyes.
[Syrric]: Keep us updated!!
[Topsail]: Thats about all I've got. Im swoopin' down for a body count.
[Topsail]: This ain't good. We got murdered out here!.....Hundreds of Orcs, I got a few squads of tauren still floating. Trolls too. This is terrible!
[Katinne]: And this is why Garrosh should not have outlawed plague...
[Topsail]: Light, I got a human body here. Defintiely Alliance! This ain't no Southsea attack or whatever.
[Topsail]: Still, I don't see Krix or his guys anywhere.

[Syrric]: Krixxek and his crew, lost in the mist at sea...massive airship battles with the Alliance...Garrosh calling for a "Retreat..." Ladies and Gents, this is Syrric of the Horde News Network. I would like to thank you all for tuning into us tonight. Please, take a moment of silence for those lost in tonights battle, and to Krixxek and his fearless Gigavolt Crew who vanished into the Mist during this massive chaos. Godspeed my friend, wherever you are...

/Syrric signs off

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