Eternal Redemptiion Raid times and cores!!!

Team Destruction
Lead by: Diisaster
Co-Leader: Athenajane/Bigmiighty/Redantha
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 9pm-12am, Be online and ready by 8:30 pm.

Killa Core
Lead by: Killasamm
Co-Leader: Kluckkluck
Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Times: 8pm-11:30pm. Be online and ready by 7:30pm.

Team Asylum
Lead by: Judgèmënt
Co-Leader: Fivewinds
Days: Wednesday & Thursday
Times: 8pm-11:30pm.

Team Havoc
Lead by: Marisoul(Athenajane)
Co-leader: Doriann (Fivewinds)
Days: Friday & Saturday
Times: 5pm-8pm

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