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I have a guildie who didn't have the money to get mop so as a surprise present i went out and brought her a store copy. I gave her the code and she was super exited but unfortunately it didn't work for her as the code was AU and she is in the US this is something i didn't consider when buying as i assumed since we are able to access the same region servers the code should work.

Is their anyway i can fix this problem so she can join us in mop tonight? or trade this unused code for a US one?

Thanks for your time

Is the code SEA? It has to be NA to be usable on a US account.
Yes, but i didn't realize it wouldn't work until after i had opened the box and saw AU next to the code. This whole thing is rely frustrating and a huge waste of money.

I'm assuming by other posts you can't gift it yet ether.
Not yet. Once it is in the Blizzard online store, you will be able to gift it. Remember, each region is self contained and accounts set up for one cannot be used in another. You can try calling Billing and see if they can convert it to an NA region key for you.
Ok, i will try that. thank you for your help.
I called them and no one is their... I have two hours to sort this out. Bangs head against wall.

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