Captain Doren

Bug Report
just stands there...nothing happenes...abandoned several times...relogged...nothing
All he does for my realm is evade every thing
Same thing on Doomhammer just evades everything
Same thing on Dethecus for the quest The Darkness Within in the Den of Defiance.
Confirmed the same on Kilrogg. Quest is a chokepoint quest. Unable to proceed any further while he is bugged.
Same on gallywix server...
bump, SWC we can't do anything
same on feathermoon
Same here on Eredar. Requesting a rolling server restart on all servers ASAP.
This is a main questline and hence I can't progress any further.

He finally reset and appeared in his human form after a while (aka +30 minutes). Seems like he gets screwed up if he changes into Sha form but the player attacking him dies, that's my guess.
Same on my realm. EVADE.
Same on Detheroc
HUNTER EXPLOSIVE TRAPS kill him.. I know it's not a fix to the game, but if you want your storyline to continue, have a hunter or two spam explosive traps underneath him. Took me about 15 minutes solo to kill him, but then the story continues once he's dead.
Alexstrasza as well
Broken on Ravenholdt.
Reported since at least 9/25 and still no flipping action taken. What the hell Blizz? I can't continue questing...
A hunter can still hit him with his Fire traps. Takes awhile, but I and guildies have done this a number of times now.
Dear Blizzard,

Judging by the posts in this thread this has been a problem for a while. I also happen to know that there have been several "patch Tuesday" updates as well as a major patch that happened recently.

And yet the problem still seems to exist.

Now considering the linear nature of the quest chains in Panderia and the fact that without doing *this* particular quest you can not go any further, the fact that you haven't even taken the time to pop on this thread and say "Yeah we are aware of the problem and are still working on the issue" is irksome to say the very least.

In fact I may have been nominated for the "Understatement of the Year" award.

Would someone please give us paying customers a heads up as to the status of getting this major snag fixed?

Thank you.

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