Sad because of Phasing.

Moon Guard
Already submitted a bug report on it, but still am sadness.

Took the Airstrip before I turned in a quest and now the NPC that I need to turn in a quest, is phased out and I can't turn in this quest and am stuck.

Truely, phasing sucks when stuff like this happens. Wrath, Cata and now MoP.

Phasing needs to go away.
Are you sure the NPC isn't somewhere else and you can still turn it in?

This seems like a rather big sorta bug to slip through.

The NPC is at the airstrip but in a different phase. I can see him and can talk to him but can't turn it in because he's 'also at a different place'... that Konk's Nook or whatever it's called. But again, that phased out once I took the airstrip. So quest turn in is in a different phase then what I'm at because I guess, I already progressed past it.
In Shrilinda's defense, the opening quest sequence was a total cluster!@#$ and probably the most poorly-designed I've seen in all the time I've played this game. Abandoning a quest should (theoretically) reset you to square one, but it doesn't. Instead, in many cases it leaves you in the middle of phased content and unable to continue without intervention from a GM. On opening day of an expansion... Yeah... Good luck with that.
IT was basically during the assault on the airstrip. In all the quests there were kill 4 named alliance, kill 15 generic alliance troops and shoot down X number of gyrocopters. Ok fine, start doing all that, but when I get to the airstrip I did all that but didn't turn in the quests in the order that I got them. So since I was already at the airstrip I turned in those first and the airstrip phased to burning tents and dead alliance. Went back to Konk's Nook to turn in the 'kill 4 named guys' to the Horde leader and the yellow ? is there at the nook, but the commander isn't. He is at the airstrip just standing there. There are 2 Horde NPC's that send you to gather 8 chloroform and recover the supply crate. Get to the crate with starts another quest to kill Sprites to recover the supplies. Complete that. Get the Chloroform. Turn those in and now the Commander has a new quest but I STILL can't turn in the one from killing the 4 named guys.

Stuck with a yellow ? on the map for a NPC that isn't there but is over there in a different phase.

All that because I rounded up a bunch of quest, did them but apparently turned them in in the wrong order.

Phasing. This is why it sucks. This is 3 expansions now and it is still screwed up, even moreso because this time around, things phase before they should.

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