Low Lvl Shaman is not so fun.

So I created a new Shaman because I have always wanted to play one and now there is a race alliance side I like for it. I am miserable. Lightning bolt does less damage at level 9 than my priest was doing with smite at level 1, so I can't kill things before they get to me. My heal takes over a third of my mana, so I can't outlast enemies either. I use shock and primal strike when the enemies close, but go OOM and just have to hack at enemies. Getting attacked by more than 1 enemy pretty much assures my death.
Why is it so increadibly difficult to even get to level 10? Is it because we are hybrids and since we haven't chosen a spec, we don't get anything for any of them? I don't understand why I have died so many times on this character before level 10 when I have leveled several other classes to 10 without problems.
If you made a Pandaren, then 1-10 is very tedious, I agree. This is because of the lack of heirlooms. However, after reaching 10 and selecting your specialization (Elemental I would presume) things die much quicker because of the passives that you get. So just stick it out til then and things will get better. I've found that levelling a Shaman has always been a bit more of a grind than compared to other classes, but once we have access to more of our abilities it gets fun.
I noticed that Priests' Smite at lower levels are pretty OP too. But if you look at the mages' frostfire bolt at level 1, it's also weaker than Smite.
Enhancement. You'll blow through targets like it's your job. :P

Elemental is also pretty effective, although Enhancement never ever has to stop for mana.
Hmm interesting I might try that. Sadly, all of my heirlooms are Int and Sta. And while I understand that that will help me, I do feel sorry for those who do not have heirlooms.
It's kinda bland and trying once you start. But from lv 10 and on, it's an incredible trip to awesomeness. I can only speak from a enh perspective, but when I hit those certain levels it's quite empowering, and a cakewalk from then. I mean.....windfield procs give me handgasms and I just.......ugh

Sorry bout that. But hang in there man. It's definitely worth it.
I prefer to level/quest as Restoration with a somewhat bizarre non-lightning bolt attack rotation. I do almost as much damage as I was doing with Elementalist (so far), and it is more fun, engaging, and survivable on really crazy pulls.

The easiest Elementalist way to avoid melee contact is to pick up the Frost Shock root talent and use it in-between every 2 casts of lightning bolt - the mob never reaches you (start off with 1 Lightning Bolt, then Frost Shock right after the cast, then 2 bolts, Frost Shock Root, 2 bolts, etc - you can even mix in a Flame Shock & Lava Burst if you time it right). Very non-contact & effective when you aren't jumped by something, but pretty boring also.

Not a fan of Enhancement really, nor the wild-flailing Draenei DW attack animations with non-daggers, lol. To bad the spec is poorly designed to DPS discriminate based on weapon speed (slower better), since we should be able to use daggers just as effectively as maces or axes. :(
All these people saying low level does fine damage... Have not played a low level shaman since the patch. I hit like a wet noodle on my level 14 shaman decked in full heirlooms. Its pathetic.
I don't quite understand...."scratches head". I'm enhancement, and lately I've been knocking people over. I think once you hit around 50 for maelstorm weapon. It's fairly easy...
Rarely am I not pulling top DPS as elemental in either BGs or dungeons.

Stick it out. I actually went Resto until dual spec. As mentioned, going Resto at the earlier levels gives you a large amount of survivability, equal to that of a paladin of the same level who has WoG.

The pandaren starting zone was rough and took me almost two hours without my heirlooms, but I am happy that I stuck it out and am loving this toon right now.
Okay it seems like from what I have read, there are breakpoints for Shaman. 1-10 is a nightmare. 10+ is good for enhancement if you have the right heirlooms, and for Elemental, it's really great starting at 32+ when you get lava burst. Apparently, you can pull heavy DPS starting at that level. I can kinda see how this works. This is definately going to be a "builder" class and I may wait to play it till my guild can get the pants heirlooms. Once I hit 10, things should get better and then things will be just fine starting at 32. Shaman is just one of those classes you have to grind through until you get the abilities that make your spec work.

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