Rare pets in Mop is a joke

Tamed savage and four or five hours later saw tracks and picked him up again. I'm only lvl 86 but I've tamed the 3 rares I could my lvl.. To easy ....disappointing.
You know how much fun it is to camp for 12+ hours for a rare to spawn? none. zero. nill.
When you pay to play a game such as this, sometimes its better to have an easy tame rather then camp for days getting nothing done as far as progression and still paying to pl.. i mean sit still and do nothing.

Gratz on your new pets. I hope i get mine just as easy.
I did not know that a pally could tame animals!
The horde that gank me every time i try to tame savage want a word with you...

Really hate people like this, "O i won the lottery, its nothing big ya know so can i barrow some money for lunch". Being humble is thing of the past these days.
Next time u flare one notice the gold dragon around the name instead of silver. Now think about that for a minute then realize how stupid this post is.

They aren't "true rares". They are a very neat new activity given to us by blizzard that I for one am having a blast with actually hunting something instead of waiting for an addon to scream at me. And a lot of hunters are having a very hard time doing it. So just bc you want to be a special snowflake doesn't merit others not getting to have fun too.

I got my savage at 12:04AM Tuesday. I parachute cloaked off the boat and ran straight there. The shear excitement to see if I could get the first one made it the most fun tame I will probably ever do. Someone else tamed one 2 hours later and so forth and so on. I'm happy for them. I will still enjoy mine. I got him bc I liked the model and I enjoyed the process of getting the tame. But ya know what, if someone had beat me to it I would still have enjoyed getting the next one.

You sir sound like the people that want drop rates nerfed after they get something so they can stroke their ego more.
09/27/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Enikka
that I for one am having a blast with actually hunting something instead of waiting for an addon to scream at me.


Bring more of these, maybe with more of a challenge after finding them. I'm currently hunting for the water strider and the Quillen (any Quillen really) will be a must for raiding...one more battle rez in the group.
The silly character change thing at the top is taking forever to switch to my hunter, so screw it, I'll use my normal posting character to ask.

Do we get more stable slots as we level? My hunter is currently full, totally maxed, no more room in the hut. :-)

She has all the spirit beasts and most of the challenge tames from Cata. Am I going to have to prune my current stable, or will I be able to add to it.?
09/27/2012 03:42 PMPosted by Eponine
No we're not getting any more stable slots.

Man that sucks. Maybe I'll start a panda hunter for the new pets. lol.
What sucks about the rare pets this expac so far is that they don't have that "hell yeah" feeling like spirit beasts or the Molten Front pet "hunter challenges" gave you.
Bring back the rares that can one shot you I say! I liked watching people get killed.

Now I have to resort to going to the Deeprun Tram and watching people get Bruced.
I got Chromaggus (among a few other hard to get skins). Not everyone was willing to go to the trouble to get him. I named mine Motorhead. But now he's not the only tamable mob in the game with his once-unique skin. Blizzo took his rarity away. I don't even know what "rare" means now. Maybe Bliz should just give every beast in the game the same exact skin. What's the diff? lol. No worries. I was once into hunting extremely rare pet skins, but blizz killed that. Now I'm just keeping my hunter up because I love the class. But I'm making more time for my Warlock. :D

I remember back in the day when I wanted Humar the Pridelord. Poor Humar. I haven't forgotten you. Mine was called Puckett. :( RIP Puckett. My bestest and longest pet ever. :( I have no pet that I favor so much to this day.
09/26/2012 03:45 PMPosted by Ontap
But he does have that lost, forlorn look and he's obviously missing something. A tire, perhaps.

Cats do love to stick their heads in things.

That said, I like the new way of getting rares. The tracking and visible only to hunters means I don't have to deal with Herpaderp the DK smashing it in front of me. It's more challenging and interesting than sitting with NPCscan on and hoping some butthead doesn't pull out their pet in front of me.

Also, the faster respawns have meant people are a little politer because they know they'll get their chance shortly. It's a win all around. There are just too many people in WoW for special snowflakes.
If you want more of a challenge try tracking Patrannache, or maybe the new rare Bombyx. They are much more difficult to get. Patrannache leaves behind Barely Visible Tracks, and Bombyx doesnt leave tracks, but instead leaves Heavily Chewed Silkweed. Savage is one of the first hunter-only trackable pets that you could get.

All I'm saying, is that if you want a challenge, move on from Savage, and go track the rest of them. I felt a unique sense of accomplishment when i finally tracked down all of the hunter-only rares. And yes, I even found all 4 unique skins of Portent the quillen.

I However, would like more stable slots, especially if they keep adding more Hunter-only trackable rares.
I don't see the problem...

For one, only a hunter can find them with flares. That's a good thing for us. And it's doing what hunters should be doing...tracking. I thought it was a much more fun, engaging way to tame rares instead of sitting on a mount for hours on in waiting for a spawn when you're surrounded by other CRZ hunters. And some of them aren't easy to find (Patrannache).

I disagree with OP. I'm all for MoP rares.

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