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10/06/2012 09:47 AMPosted by Leomonk
Im geting stuck on loading screen after dying in a dungeon, the bar grow up just to the midle, and i have to end the program and restart the game

I'm having this, but to me it happens in EVERY load screen, even the start one, after choose a character. I created a thread 10 hours ago, no response.
My crashing is happening more frequently now, was just once in awhile at first now is seemingly constant. Again, like everyone else, it's only WoW.
Any try getting rid of DBM or Healbot?
This is happening alot, to me. Within one bg wow crashed about 10 times.. Eventually missed the end and didn't get any honor. /sigh
disabling addons did not help. I've cancelled my subscription. If this ever gets fixed, I'll be back but not going to pay for a game I can't play.
Incidentally that same thing happens in Diablo 3. Again, this happened on my old computer and now this new one from alienware. If there is an issue with the NVIDIA card I hope they fix it. I really enjoyed Blizzard games, but there are plenty of others out there for my dollars.
I'm getting the exact same problem: WoW crashes within 5 minutes of me beginning to play. I've never had this problem with any other games, or with WoW before the new xpac came out. It's good to see I'm not the only one, but it's a bit disheartening to see that there's been no real feedback on whether or not this is a problem that can be fixed. Looks like I'll have to cancel my subscription until they come out with a solution :/
Same sort of problem , crashing regularly since installing Mists of Panderia. It says that my Video driver has crashed. Ive got 2 gtx580's and a dam good rig so i dont think its my hardware.
I have the exact same problem. Been happening since last week.

Since the last patch, wow has been locking up my entire computer and forcing me to hard reboot. Sometimes it'll revert to a blackscreen with keyboard unresponsive other times it'll be a complete freeze/lock. It's happened while flying over zones, replying in chat, and sitting in an inn with my face up against the wall with nothing else in view. It happens only in wow. I can play all other games just fine with no issues.

GPU and CPU temps are well within the norm. ATX power voltage test(s) look good. Ran 7 passes of memtest86. Kicked around my gpu a bit with Furmark and 3dmark with no errors or heating issues. All device and chipset drivers are current. Defragmented hard disk. Ran Malwarebytes and Spybot s&d with nothing to report. Cleaned registry via CCleaner. Removed interface, wtf and cache. *Did not reinstall any mods*. Reset Catalyst Control Center to factory defaults. Event Viewer reports nothing and wow does not report/generate an error log to analize. Running on d3d9.

Being that this happens very frequently, I am literally unable to play. I made it to lvl 90 last week with no problems. This just started happening since last patch. 100% of my wow time this week has been devoted to resolving this problem.
Hey guys I had the same problem but I just cleaned up my hard drive to 50% and now it works fine so try that.
me too :(
having same problem, this only started after this patch came live getting be pain in butt when in 5 man than it happens.
Mine crashes after 1 hour or so of being logged with an avatar, as soon as I try to log to get to another one boom, crash.

One of my brothers, getting into a group, any kind, crashes and crashes, only in groups, never if he doesn't do groups.

Now the worst of worst, my other brother, crash every single time there is a loot roll, this is so bad, even if he log in again, if the roll is still up, it's crashes again and he get out again and again, I had to set Master Loot and assign all loot for him to be able to play.

We are running different computers with very different characteristics, so it's not the computer, is Pandaria. Our wow never crashed before, not it crashes all the time on the three of us.
Same here. I get about 2-10 mins in and it crashes. I'm on OS X 10.7.5. Never had crash problems before with WoW.
Changing Directx 11 to 9 worked for me
I changed from Dx 11 to Dx 9 as well. That worked for me! Thanks Swizzcz! ^^
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one having this exact same problem! I'm trying to repair the game data to see if that helps. I'm also going to check the temp of my video card. I agree that this is VERY frustrating! I want this fixed so my game time isn't wasted!
Anything on this from Blizzard? Because mine does the same exact thing. At some random time during playing the screen turns black and my computer crashes and shuts off. Then when I restart it doesnt restart properly. I dont think it has to do with heat because when it happens my comp isnt even that hot. I have played Starcraft 2 for a lot longer duration than I play WoW when it crashes and Starcraft 2 doesnt crash. Some help with this would be nice. The first time it happened afterwards I let my comp do its recover thing and WoW wouldnt start. I just kept pressing "play" and the same thing would pop up again. This has never happened before until I started doing the MoP trial about a week ago. And also whenever I do get back on now because I dont let my comp recover, I have to read the terms of agreement and what not like I just installed a new patch or something when I did not.
This is getting ridiculous i am having the same exact problem! I play maybe for about 10-15 minutes and then it crashes, i see the desktop background but the classic wow mouse cursor is still on the screen as if the game is still going, then on the desktop a message pops up saying the driver has crashed but has been fixed. It keeps doing this same exact problem. what do i do to fix it permanately?
Having same issue here. The time when it crashes varies from time to time. Game had never crashed for me before until I installed MoP. Anyone knows of a fix? Blizzard?

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