Give Frostmourne free realm transfer

You paid to transfer to an already very populated server. WHY the heck would blizzard allow you free migration elsewhere, you obviously have the money to transfer to us you can transfer elsewhere too. Don't be upset with blizzard, be upset with your own action. HAPPY XPAC DAY!


- A fellow transfer student from "The Forgotten Pool" to "Frostmourne"
All you "original" frostmourne people are complaining about people transferring to a full server... why do Blizzard allow transfers to full servers...

That isn't fair.

Obviously its hard to Police when there are a lot of inactive accounts, but still they should enforce some sort of soft cap to prevent this.
Just transfered to Gundarak and thought just in case anyone else was planning to do the same I did have a problem iniitally when I tried the transfer saying I was logged in allready which I wasn't. In order to get it to work I had to create a new toon on a random realm then i was able to move my toons over to Gundarak. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else runs into the same problem. Gundarak now feels so empty compared to Frostmourne though I like it and it beats waiting around to login. Friends are now doing the same and transfering to gundarak to.
so what if vanilla had a long queue, what matters is the moment.

at the moment i can't play until after 10pm, so that sucks =(
Yes.. Transfer out of Frostmourne to Gundrak.
I want my NO QUEUE Frostmourne back
I spent $150 transfering all my toons to Frostmourne. Don't hear me complaining.

3 hour wait...meh, catch up on some movies.

Go to Gundrak. its free transfer

Embrace the queues.
So is Gundrak free from Frostmourne???????
are they doing the free transfer im over waiting
Yes free transfers from frostmourne to gundrak
Just had some pretty kickass Mexican for dinner, passed about 1,000 in queue by the time I got home. Would recommend.
free transfer to gundrak till 4th oct. go transfer all your chars.
09/26/2012 07:19 AMPosted by Crab
Has frostmourne population gone up over the years?
Since the end of wrath whole guilds have transferred here multiple times as well as a heap of random players. So yes the population has expanded dramatically. We are the new Blackrock apparently.

Yet blizzard see's this and still does nothing except give us the option to leave our guilds/friends etc etc.
we actually pay for this game, and we're actually waiting for 4hrs while we want to play.
by then we logged in, it's time for bed

Free transfers I believe ended on 4th October.

Go figure.
yeah i got my free transfer in just before they was up but what alot and blizzard fail to understand is the long times risk of disconnection during que wait so on and so on

all to find when you want to transfer you have mail or arena captain how are you ment to get transferred when you cant login i know 2 people who missed out on free transfer due to RL time to play for one and fact they couldnt get in to remove the stuff needed for free transfer so i quess there stuck there

i think blizzard should allow for reals with ques to have free transfer available once ques stop and not locked anyone then remove and make people pay
we actually pay for this game, and we're actually waiting for 4hrs while we want to play.
by then we logged in, it's time for bed


Yes, you pay for this game. But so do the 50 thousand other players who play on Frostmourne.

Wait your turn or go play on another realm.

Free transfers I believe ended on 4th October.

Go figure.

I don't understand why they ended it so early.
Those of us who were here before the xpack and before everyone transferred still get stuck in the massive queues and to be honest I'd prefer to be able to swap out than have to wait around. Yeah, the server is good, but being able to play when I want is better.

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