Why cant i find the Panda mount/tabard vendor

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I take it as a personal insult by blizz that I cannot find it.
ya, this is pissing me off and don't ask in trade they will jump all over you.
Look for the balloon.
Stormwind's is out back by the Catta portals. Don't remember where they are for the horde side.
Isn't the dragon turtle vendor in Stormwind near the portals to all the Cata content? I remember buying a Pandarized Alliance tabard near there.
I'm at the balloon in the valley of honor right now and I do not see any vendors.
For the Alliance, its out on the Lake where the Cata Portals are, there is a small section off to the side with Pandaren NPCs and the monk Trainers and a panda Balloon. The guy who sells the tabard is there.
I found the alliance one without any issues but the Horde one seems to be MIA.
The vendor is bugged.

I bought my tabard last night but she's not there anymore :3 They are working on fixing it.

I CANT FIND HIM! its annoying me real bad! -_-
Cant find him on Horde side on Khadgar, at the place I should be...
He's gone awol on shu'halo
I know that yesterday the NPC who does that, at least in Stormwind (on my server Khadgar) was missing due to a glitch, and I was told Blizz is working to fix it.

I haven't checked back yet to see if he had come back.

Don't need to make fifty thousand of the same thread when not even one gets close to capped.

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