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Bug Report
Everytime i try to attack Thundrak it keeps saying evade. I've read some forums and it says hes supposed to jump down when your next to it. It wont work. Help?
Hello again, Thunrunsam. As you saw earlier, I have the same problem.

Painmaster Thundrak does not jump down when you approach the caravan or target him. He's out of range for melee attacks and he evades all spells.

This is frustrating because this quest needs to be completed before you can move on to Stonetalon.

Im facing the same problem, tried restarting the game but no good came of it. Will someine please help us out?
Having the same issue as everyone else. I'm going to try contacting a GM soon.
It's bugged for me too
Finally able to finish it. I sent in a GM ticket but was able to complete before it was looked at, cancelled it and all is well now :) Onto the next series of quests
I'm having the same issue. It hasn't been resolved for me.
this quest seems to of been on the fritz for a while now.
This quest is STILL on the fritz!! Can ANYONE help??
Still bugged as of this evening.
you cant tell me that its still bugged thats bull c'mon blizzard really
Same problem.
Still bugged for me too
Bugged 01/01/2014
(target does not engage && evades)
bugged for me also, don't care if this is a 2 year old thread
bugged.... STILL

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