Playing a Pandaren Monk w/ No Killing/Murder

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So I am testing something new RP wise. Outside of dungeons I am refusing all quests that require the killing of either Alliance OR Horde NPCs and possibly most that involve killing creatures on the premise of IF Pandarens are vaguely based off of Chinese Buddhism, one of the five main precepts of Buddhism is "Do not Kill." Killing results in bad karma and natural repercussions of course.

I want to see if you can progress with questlines at all without committing rampant genocide and destroying natural ecosystems AGAIN because respecting life means respecting the natural spirits as the Shu.

Any ideas? Do you think this is possible in Azeroth?
Well the premise based on Buddhism is kind of cool....but you might level a little slower.
You could always level up through mining, herbalism, or archaeology perhaps.

It'd be slow but you wouldn't have to kill anything.
I admire your idea, but I think you will be leveling very slow, but it is a great idea. Good luck with it. Also remember you will be killing things in self defense, or are you not counting that?
It's been done plenty of times, so, yes.

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