Vine-Cracked Junkbox

Any rogues pick pocket any Vine-Cracked Junkbox yet? I havent done alot of pick pocketing, but I still havent seen one from what I have done. Are these maybe only at level 90 now?
I have not seen a single one, nor did I pickpocket any during my level 90 dailies today.

Will keep an eye out and let you all know if that changes.
I've gotten 4 or 5, but my lockpicking isn't high enough to open yet. lol
I forgot to pick pocket anything on the way to 90...
Most of my pickpocket attempts have resulted in absolutely nothing.
I've been trying to pickpocket while I lvl but it keeps telling me that I don't have permission to loot the corpse. :(
I'm guess there s bug, given the wrong error message you get most of the time.

Haven't gotten a single one and most of my attempts aren't even successful.
I have eight on me right now. Just gotta sap and pick EVERYTHING!
I only just started finding them. I got through all the quests in Jade forest and Valley of four winds without seeing anything, but once I went down to Krasarang Wilds I began finding them pretty regularly.
Saw my first in Kun Lai summit, now getting gold at least, and no errors. But there is still no pickpocket error when the mob has already been pilfered.

I wonder if it shuts off pick pocketing when the respawn rate is high enough. You know, to prevent exploits or something.

I say that because I'm not really having to fight over spawns much any longer.
I got a few but I only started to get them when I got to Kun'lai, so I'm assuming it's a mob level thing.
I've picked 3... from 85 to 90. and i pick pocket everything I sap... which is a lot. :|
I just got my first two today, during my dailies in VoEB and DW.

I have all my stealth moves macroed to Pick Pocket, so it's not from lack of trials.
So from your replies, I guess we should assume that they only come from high level mobs (or maybe just a higher chance from them) and are alot more rare than in previous expansions.
Now that I have a few of these, how do we get our lock picking skill to increase?
I have nearly 7 of them sitting in my bags because I can't lockpick them. -.-
i currently have 5 of these junk boxes if u want them i advise running moshogun palace pick pocket EVERYTHING u can and voila

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