Inscription: DMF Card of Mist Trades

Hi Scribers!

With DMF coming soon, we only have so much scrolls we can spend on making those cards.

For scribers interested in trading cards to complete a DMF deck, please leave your name here so we can contact you later on.

Hi Aman'thul Scribers,

So here's the people looking for card swaps:

Evilfoe: LF 4,6,7 Tiger. Have 8 Crane, 4 Oxen, Ace Tiger to trade
Healovafang: LF Crane cards
Wagic: LF Serpent cards
Bosii: LF Tiger cards

Leave your name so we can complete cards faster!
Have Two of Cranes x2
After 1,3,4,6,7,8 of Tiger.
I'm after the Cranes deck:

I have available to trade:
Ace of Tigers
Four of Cranes

Happy to trade via Neutral AH - or I have a level 50 Priest on Alliance side I'm happy to trade through as I have people who can pick it up off the N-AH for me.

If you are Alliance & wanting to trade that way, best to make a level 1 alt and whisper Sophistique on Horde side (as I don't jump on the Alliance Priest too much). Tried to post on Soph but it's not changing my character >.<
Bumping this back up the top because we have DMF coming up around the corner again.

I'm looking to complete another Crane's set for my up & coming Paladin, so currently need the following:

One of Cranes
Two of Cranes
Three of Cranes
Four of Cranes
Seven of Cranes
Eight of Cranes

I have available to trade for those:

Four of Serpents
Five of Tigers
Two of Tigers

Will update as I make more cards daily.

Happy to trade on Alliance side as well via the Neutral AH (both list at the same price or something similar).

Battletag me with the note "Card trade"

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