Phasing and Theramore Island

This isn't a post where I whine and complain about wanting Theramore Island not to change. As a matter of fact, I think that destroying a well-loved city was a brilliant idea and a great way to show the stakes of Mists of Pandaria.

I want to talk about the concept that some of the Community Posters have mentioned; that at some point in the future, Theramore will be destroyed for everyone (and not just people who have finished the Scenario) and that Dustwallow Marsha will be adjusted for the Alliance to compensate.

Basically, World of Warcraft has been suffering from a Doctor Who effect since Cataclysm. To elaborate, Levels 1-60 are Post-Cataclysm, 61-68 are Pre-Northrend, 69-80 are Pre-Fall of Arthas, and than 81+ returns to the proper timeline. There have been a couple posts implying that restoring the timeline is something that the developers have on their list of goals for the future. So here's my question. Why break the timeline further by blowing up Theramore for everyone?

If you blow up Theramore even for new characters, then essentially Dustwallow Marsh will exist Post-Deathwing's Death while the rest of the world will exist Pre-Deathwing's Death. It makes very little sense to do, really. So my question is, "Why not just set the phasing to trigger off of watching the Introduction to Pandaria cutscene?" For the Horde, its the one where Garrosh tells General Nazgrim to sail for Pandaria and its similar for the Alliance, I'm sure. Ultimately, this has the same effect for everyone, "No Theramore in the Mists of Pandaria storyline." The only reason I would imagine that the developers wouldn't want to do this is that they're afraid that there will be level 85s who stay in a temporal stasis forever with their beloved Theramore. I don't really see this as a problem, personally. Another alternative is to tie the phasing to earning the Level 85 Achievement.

This is just my opinion on the matter. I don't see why we should talk about fix something that's broken (in this analogy, the timeline progression) in the future while simultaneously wrecking it further in the present. Its like driving a gas guzzler to go buy solar power panels. I'd like to see what the Blues and other players think of this topic.

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