Proffesional player LF Raiding Guild

Hello my name is Dany-Fr3nchy-Savard.

Im a security Guard and Server IT in Quebec city Canada.

Brief history of my gaming Experience.Played CS:S Competitive Cal-I Level

Then switched to WoW Raided in top high end guild with players like Ashkore from Exodus and Mediocrity on Blackrock.

Then switched to proffesional Starcraft Player, Curently working toward High master on Korea.

Im a proffesional player with Attitude to win and not be the best at what i do but to WIN. Of course you migh achieve to be the best but i play to win. Im looking for the same kind of Enviroment. Im not a jerk or rager. But im an elitist I Just cam back rencelty after recoupering my account. I quit for about 6-8 Months Did Morchok then had to quit. But yeah if you are interested in a High quality player That was Sponsored and still is Sponsored by Raidcall hit me up...

Im curently Leveling my Paladin Mostly going to play Prot or Holy and Offspec RET

Fr3nchy#1579 Reald or skype: Umokthar

Hope to hear from you soon, Have a great day.

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