Unable to loot dark soil?

Ok Tillers/farming isn't really a profession but I wasn't sure where to put this. My question is: Is there some sort of requirement before being able to loot the mounds of dark soil? I've done all of the quests in VotFW and have started the farm. I did the little quest that has you loot the soil under the farm house just fine...but I cannot loot dark soil out in the zone. Level or rep requirement? Or just buggy? This is the character I am doing it on, but I did also try my priest with no luck (she hasn't done the zone quests but has started farming).
I'm having the same issue. I'll have to watch this thread in the hopes that an answer will be found.
I'm having the same problem. I submitted a bug report in game, we'll have to see what happens with it.
As an additional note I did try turning off all mods and used default interface still no luck. Also, I got a blue feather while farming and cannot seem to give it to anyone - however they have silver ! over their head so holding out hope that this is just due to my level (87).
Have to be lvl 90 to be able to loot soil. Also, once you have all 10 at best friend status, they stop being lootable too.
Thanks for the info Dakyras, much appreciated.
You do not need to be level 90 to loot these. Despite the fact that I am only 87 and cannot loot them, I know a friend who was able to loot them at 88.

...perhaps they should have put more information obtaining them besides where to find them? *chuckle*
Yeah in my opinion the quest line is a bit disjointed because it has you loot the quest soil so you'd think anytime after that you could loot the ones out in the world but apparently that isn't so! I imagine it's just a cross between wanting to let people get started farming ASAP but wanting to save some of the extras for higher levels.

I should hit 88 today with any luck and will try it out again and post back.
I played the Beta for months and did the entire Tillers / Friendship NPCs thing on 3 different toons. Not once were those soil piles lootable before you hit 90 except for the first one Farmer Yoon tells you to loot.

Why you may ask? Because they are pointless before lvl 90 since you can't advance your Tillers rep or your friendship rep with the 10 NPCs. There are two ways of getting the friendship gifts - looting the dirt piles and when they very rarely spawn when harvesting a crop. I had toons under 90 get them from crop harvesting... but never could they loot a dirt pile before 90.
My Priest alt leveled 90 yesterday, and have begun the Halfhill dailies as well as gotten the second garden plot. However, I haven't gotten the Dark Soil quest from Farmer Yoon and I have checked under the porch for the initial dark soil. . . not there. What am I missing?
Nvm. . .chalk it all up to my senility!
Do the starting Tiller's quests, up to and including looting the dark soil and handing over the rewards to Gina Mudclaw. Worked for me.

- Wakener
Since this thread's already been necroed, I'll just point out that once you reach exalted with all the individual tillers, you can no longer loot the dark soil. Not that you'd need to.
im 100 and cant loot the dark soils do i need to do a quest line prior?
08/08/2016 03:15 PMPosted by Tøwel
im 100 and cant loot the dark soils do i need to do a quest line prior?

Read the thread.
I did the quest lines back in the day, got everyone exalted and best friend. Went to 'max out' the bar 'best friend' bar.

Can't loot any of the soils.
Can't loot anymore when everyone's maxed out on friend bar.
even if you can't get stuff from soils you should be able to give them food if you want to fill up the bar, I believe

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