Fire Mage PvP Stat Priority

Just wondering what it is for this x-pac.
I would assume crit like always and haste probably for those 1 sec cast fireballs :)
Tbh I think crit is pretty overrated for fire pvp this season.

I'd go Mastery >>>>> Crit >> Haste

all you need is inferno blast and spellsteal.

but its basically

6.0% hit > crit = mastery > haste.

16.67% is what you need for 100% crit during shatters but given the nature of the fire spec you'll probably want more crit than that.

And sorry but the guy above is wrong. master = crit or crit= mastery which ever. either way it depends on how you like to play.

edit: forgot to add that some people would even argue haste>mastery as you can get more spells in in a smaller time frame

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